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The hottest growing eBay business today is reselling high-demand sneakers, clothing, and cosmetics. And no wonder: A properly-guided newbie with less than $2,000 working capital can realistically create a part-time business that within 2-3 months’ time is netting $50,000 annually from 5-10 hours per week “work” (which most participants actually find to be a heck of a lot of fun). You don’t need a secret supply source for this – you only need to know what to buy and when/how to buy it, because we’re purchasing product at retail and reselling it to hungry, hyped-up buyers for a 50% to 300%+ profit margin …yes, you read that right, and we do it all day long, baby. The stuff we target sells out within minutes of release time and then flies off eBay all month long, often for double+ retail.
The Sole Master’s new 24,000+ word training manual will eliminate the normally-long learning curve for becoming a successful sneaker aftermarket seller. He’ll teach you all the tricks of the trade that no one else is willing to show you, including:
– Which products to target, and why
– Where to get early release info, drop dates, and links
– How to properly analyze the aftermarket before pulling the trigger
– The proper banking setup so your orders always check-out without problems
– How to cop multiples on limited “one per customer” releases
– A list of the best “sneaker bot” software programs and a detailed tutorial on how to use them
– Web browser tricks that will have you manually copping just as many items as your bots grab
– How to nab the sudden restock alerts with a high success rate
– Where, when, and how to resell your inventory quickly for the best prices
– A complete business plan that will have you netting $3500+ from your 2nd month forward
– Personal help if you need it
Looking for a fun side business that can make your house and car payments? This is it. Copping high-demand sneakers is a blast, my friends, and satisfyingly profitable to boot. If you sit in front of a computer every day and can squeeze in a few minutes of side-activity here and there, the sneaker reseller business is for you. So let’s get started…

  • The Complete Sneaker Reseller Guide

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