My eBay Sales Suck!: How to Really Make Money Selling on eBay


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What’s your eBay story? 

My name is Nick Vulich. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with and talk to hundreds of eBay sellers. Some of them were brand new to eBay others have been selling for ten years or more now.

Every one of them has a unique story about how they got started selling on eBay, and about what they expect to take away from it.

Many people I know embraced eBay because it gave them a real opportunity to start their businesses with little or no risk, other than the time they invested. Many parents have looked at eBay as a chance to stay home with their children and be with them as they are growing up.

For others, eBay has supplemented a lifetime of low-wage jobs or has given them hope after being laid off from a lifetime career in corporate America.

Some have used their eBay businesses as a stepping stone to other careers. Many have become consultants or experts in the product lines that they started selling on eBay. Some have become instructors helping other people to start and operate successful online businesses.

For me, eBay gave me extra money to buy new cars and a bigger house when I was working. After a corporate layoff in 2004, selling on eBay gave me the opportunity to build a strong and solid business of my own. Over the last year, eBay has become my stepping stone to a new career in writing and helping other people learn how to start selling on eBay.

Discover ten tips that will help you grow your eBay business –

  1. How to build your brand
  2. Why you need to experiment with new products
  3. Why automating everyday tasks will make your eBay business run smoother
  4. Why price does not matter 
  5. Why free shipping might not be the answer
  6. Why you need to have fun with your work
  7. How selling for charity with eBay Giving Works can help you build sales
  8. Why you need to automate shipping
  9. What numbers really matter if you want to make a profit
  10. Why you need to make time for yourself

Learn why you need a Plan B 

Do you remember Woolworth’s, Grants, Circuit City, Commodore 64, or have you paid attention to what’s happening to Blockbuster Video? eBay is currently the big kid on the block, but that can change – quickly. We will explain why everyone needs to have a Plan B, and what alternative sites are available today.

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