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Now You Can Be the Next eBay Success Story!If you’re like me you probably learn best when it’s a hands on experience and with the eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM you’ll have instant access to both eBay and PayPal’s web sites. Use the step-by-step pictured instructions to learn a new eBay concept, then with the click of a button you can visit eBay web site to try out what you’ve just learned. Want to return to the CD? It’s just a simple mouse-click away!The eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM explains what those other books and software programs oftentimes leave out. With this NEW CD-ROM you’ll INSTANTLY have the upper hand when you use eBay. Don’t risk losing your dream item to a feisty bidder! Learn how to create auctions that will draw bidders like metal to a magnet. You can do it all with the NEW eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM!Inside the eBay Auctions Made Easy CD-ROM you’ll learn the real secrets to eBay success like: * How To Sell on eBay * Writing POWERFUL Auction Titles and Descriptions * Uploading Pictures to eBay * How to Avoid Deadbeat Bidders * Finding the Perfect Items on eBay * Bidding / Selling Strategies * How to Spot Suspicious Sellers * Tracking Your Auctions * Sending and Receiving Payments through PayPal * Identifying Spoof Emails * How To Win Auctions Every Time * And Much, Much More!

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