eBay 102: What No One Else Will Tell You About eBay


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eBay 102, the next step in your eBay education. Discover what no one else will tell you about eBay. This book is for both beginners who have never used eBay and experienced eBay users who have been buying and selling for years. I see both experienced and new members making mistakes that cost them money as buyers and sellers. You will learn something from this program. I call it a program and not just a book because it is not an introduction or quick reference. It is a complete system that will make your eBay experience much safer and more enjoyable not to mention more profitable. EBay is a really fun place to buy, sell, and meet other people. You have to understand how it works to gain the most from it. The tips and techniques revealed are based on buyer and seller psychology results which I have developed from thousands of my own auctions. We will also discuss PayPal extensively. PayPal is the payment system used on eBay. We could never discuss eBay fully without covering PayPal. Even if you are already on eBay, I encourage you to go through the beginner and account setup sections. You will find many tips and tricks. This advice will not only improve your eBay experience, it will help protect you from criminals. Topics include: eBay and PayPal account setup(for maximum security). Searching Techniques(find the best deals). How bidding works(how it really works including dutch auctions, snipe bidding, and more). Evaluating sellers(find honest and trustworthy sellers by looking beyond feedback). Buying and Selling strategies. Feedback(protecting your feedback and how to use feedback correctly). Taking photos that gain your auctions the most bids. Shipping made simple. And much much more… We will talk about everything other authors are afraid to talk about. You will see auctions which are setup the right way(for high profits) and auctions that make small mistakes which drive bidders away. This is the next step in your eBay education.

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