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Everyone dreams that a time shall come when they can look back and be glad they started out a certain business venture that a few years down the line. With the advancements in technology, it has become increasingly easy to start a business with the likes of drop shipping which has been hitting the waves of late. It would be a lie to claim that drop shipping is a new boy in the ecommerce industry. However, its rise to fame has been recent and more people are getting into it. The concept of the businesses has been highly confused and subjected to very many misconceptions. The funniest one, I have seen yet is a picture of a helicopter dropping a package on a ship. Humanity does not cease to amaze me. Nonetheless, some people have been doing it since the turn of the decade, some even before and have been making a killing off it! Wait wait wait, however, this should not get you all excited yet. Despite all the confusion around it, drop shipping is a credible venture and can sustain one’s life. However, similarly to other businesses, it will take a time to grow and stabilize and one should not assume that this is one of those get rich quick schemes, nope, a lot of work and commitment shall be required. This will cause you sleepless nights, endless frustration and hours. Fortunately, what drop shipping consumes in time, it makes up for in capital since it is very cheap to start out, but worry less as we shall get into that as we get into the book. Hoping that we have you sold, we thank you for selecting this book as your preferred choice of drop shipping content. However, it is only fair to mention how much more amazing content you can find on the internet that we supplement what we have covered in this book. On that note, have a good read and see you at the conclusion. Cheers!

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