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Vzaar Video for Business Video for eBay Video for Marketing – It’s Just Vzaar!

Vzaar is an easy to use, easy to utilize and effective video embed marketing tool. A tool that allows the merchant the ability to keep his/her viewer interested in in his or her product and not go wandering off into the video surfing darkness.

Vzaar is cost effective, easy to setup and allows eBay sellers to embed videos in hundreds of live eBay listings with a click of a button.

Vzaar is worth a try – take a look at the videos in the sidebar here on the Trading Assistant Journal to see how people use Vzaar to sell Guitars or to see how easy it is to setup. What have you got to lose when the initial cost is zero and the upside is you could start engaging your customers like never before!

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Will it Blend – Blendtec – Your Next Viral Marketing Video

Producing video today is much easier and faster than ever before. The only thing slowing most marketers down is creativity. I am not saying everyone should sell blenders and create videos of them pulverizing inanimate objects into dust. Yet I am suggesting it is this type of creative and somewhat irreverent thinking which makes good marketers. Video is just the tool, creativity is the gift.

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