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Transferring Big Files can be a Pain – Until Now!

Have you ever needed to send a really large file to a friend or business associate? Possibly a whole folder full of images or a back up file from your website? Maybe you tried to do it with your email program and it bounced as being too large… Or you tried to FTP the files to a server somewhere, only then having to explain to your associate or friend how to install a FTP client and use it to retrieve the files…

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Vendio is Reborn – Vendio Platform Review – Sell on eBay and Online

The Vendio Platform is a complete eCommerce solution that includes a robust, feature-rich online store as well as item, order and customer management – all for free. It doesn’t matter whether a merchant sells 10 or 10,000 items in their Vendio store – they pay no web hosting fees, imaging hosting fees, listing fees or success fees. There is no catch. No gimmicks.

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