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What Kind of eBay Seller Are You?

Think of eBay as an ecosystem… As in any ecosystem, members of the community depend upon one another. The eBay ecosystem is composed of buyers and sellers – without one or the other the system falters and all become extinct.  As in any ecosystem, different classes of organisms compete for survival. The sellers in this ecosystem […]

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Auctionbytes reports on the Trading Assistant – Trading Post News…

Auctionbytes reports on the changes in eBay’s Trading Assistant Agreement… eBay Changes Trading Assistant Program for Consignment-Sales By Ina Steiner January 17, 2008 eBay announced changes to its Trading Assistant program, including the news that it would change the designation “Trading Post” to “Registered eBay Drop Off Location” (REDOL). The changes come as eBay […]

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