Share the Experience – Building a Website for Your Business

Commisioning and Building a website can be a very stressful experience.  The time that it takes to come to the decision to let a professional handle the job usually creates doubt in the business owners mind about the entire process.

Many people share the same experiences and thoughts along the development path that is … website creation.

  1. Do it myself – try to buy dreamweaver or (heaven forbid a Microsoft web creation program i.e Frontpage) and do it yourself. Only to find that it will take too long to learn the program(s) required and that as a business owner your time is more valuable in other areas of your business.
  2. Hire a standard HTML coder or “Web Designer” to do everything from scratch – Only to find that many features that you thought were standard today in most websites, cost extra when you need each and every part of your site developed by hand. The mantra (no templates) is always heard, but the truth is that there is a vast difference between a “Template” and a “Theme”.
  3. Usually there is friction developed between the hand coder and the business oriented client. The “Hand Coder” starts with a template but says the site is “Hand coded” and the business owner sees that once the hand coder is done – it will take an act of god to change anything. Could every sentence possibly be right from the start?
  4. The phrase- Content Management System is discovered by the client, lightbulbs go off, fireworks explode – the possibilities are awe inspiring! – Hand coder refuses to build on CMS.
  5. iBusinessLogic steps in and explains the differences between hand coding and CMS, the differences between Templates and Themes and the difference between creating the site yourself, and managing the site yourself, once it has been prepared and setup by a professional.

Below is a number of forums created to discuss different sites built or under construction by iBusinessLogic. Some Joomla, Some WordPress, Some Both… and Possibly one or two Drupal or Moodle installlations.

Please be kind to our clients while you learn of the process as they experienced it, please take a moment and think about what you can learn from them. Then ask questions, share opinions and help us all become better!

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