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WordPress Does Not Work!

…. Unless You USE It! It is no secret… I love WordPress  as a Content Management System and I am an evangelist when it comes to discussing  the possibilities this CMS offers small business owners for website development .  The shear magnitude and the purity of this web publishing systems capabilities and simplicity is absolutely […]

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New – Trading Assistant Journal – Forums

…. Update! Please check out the new Trading Assistant Journal Forums where you can add your own commentary and opinions to topics covered here on the Journal as well as topics you would like to discuss. You can also talk about the top eBay and eCommerce Blogs and Podcasts in the Forum – Not just […]

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Thanks to LinkedIn, I learned what an Ass Hat Award is… from the Daily Blonde

No matter what business you are in, no matter what you sell, no matter who you work for or if you are an attorney or a broker or a architect or a ditch digger – there are people out there that want to know what you know and they will find the information you publish – if you leave enough “clues” to follow.

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