Payment Solutions Poll – Merchant Accounts – Credit Card Processing – What Puts Cash In Your Wallet?

Todays Poll concerns a topic which can be confusing for Internet merchants and one which I get a lot of questions about.

  • What credit card processor should I use?
  • What are the rates?
  • How do I avoid chargebacks
  • Is PayPal a good way to take payments on my website?
  • What is the best merchant account processor for online payments?
  • What merchant account is the easiest to integrate with my shopping cart?
  • or… What shopping cart do I need to easily integrate a payment system?
  • What merchant accounts accomodate recurring billing or subscription payments?

These are just of the few questions I receive on a daily basis concerning payment systems, when building or modifying a website.  Although I have my own opinions about the best services for different applications I would rather ask the readers what is working for them? I am always happy to learn about new ways to accept money online.

In the interest in not clouding my readers opinions with my own before I write an article on this topic, I would like to just present a simple poll asking you what payment system or processor you currently use. Obviously if you are an eBay seller your options are limited but if you also have a ecommerce shopping cart website you may be using a different merchant services provider.

Please feel free to enter any processor you use that is not listed in the poll in the “other” box and if you have comments or suggestions about the features you like, or dislike from your current or past payment system, please enter them in the comments section below.

We may set up another poll soon concerning features needed or desired from online payment processors, if you have opinions to add to that discussion don’t hold back.  Add them to the comments and we will include your feature requests in the next poll to be voted upon by everyone. What would be your top 5 reasons or features which would make you switch to a different provider? Lower rate? Different chargeback policy? Etc…

Thanks for you participation!

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