Election Aftermath – Congratulations or Commiseration? Live Call Today

John Lawson of 3rd Power Outlet and the Colder Ice blog has invited me as a guest on a special post election podcast/call in show today at 1:30 PM EST (That’s in Atlanta – Ya-All)…

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Colder ICE & Scott Pooler After Election Call

Colder ICE & Scott Pooler After Election Call

John and I have been jabbing back and forth on Twitter – red and blue style, in the tradition of the political season for several weeks now.

I know, I know… I wrote a specific post about not bringing politics into eCommerce or business, but heck… It has been a very politically charged atmosphere and if John and I did not have strong opinions – none of you kind folks would follow either one of us or our blogs… Right?

Just for the record, John and I are still friends and will remain so, no matter how misguided he happens to be… LOL – Oh, and I am the Conservative – John is the Liberal – Who would have guessed that?

In all seriousness though, I must say that I am proud of America.

From my visit to the Polls bright and early at 7 AM this morning it was a sight to see. Both sides coming together in an orderly fashion to make their opinions count with a very simple vote.  As citizens, we all should be proud of the numbers of people who joined democracy this election.  In my youth it was not uncommon to hear more from people who had never voted, and would never vote, than to see people take the right to vote seriously.

I always took it seriously and wanted the opportunity before I was old enough to legally accomplish the task. Therefore, whether my side wins or loses this election, I am still proud to be an American.

The thought occurred to me, as I was standing in an orderly line this morning on a fine warm day in Indian Rocks beach, Florida…

…How lucky we are, as citizens of this country. 

I have traveled most of my life, working in Third World countries and sailing as a merchant mariner around the World. I have seen the unrest and downright dangerous nature in people when other places try to emulate what our American democracy has been doing for hundreds of years.  I have seen machine guns at the polls in these other countries, sights, fear and unrest some here in the USA would never imagine at the polls.

So take heart, all who may feel anger or frustration, simply because one side or the other did not win, it is all part of our great tradition, part of America.

Darker times have been seen by Americans – I like to think this is one of our brightest moments – no matter the outcome.

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  1. John November 7, 2008 at 12:42 am #

    Hey Scott, the show was fantastic and love this post! Man, I thought I was the conservative though…hmmm I am losing my touch LOL


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