Cliff Aliperti's new Bonanzle Blog! First Look, Grass Roots Traffic Generation

My readers know Cliff Aliperti from his very popular guest post here on the Trading Assistant Journal.

Amazon vs eBay? – Cliff Aliperti’s Inside Scoop on Amazon FBA

Cliff is a long time eBay seller and now a new Bonanzle Booth owner. Cliff knows his business and he also knows how to get the most out of eBay and Amazon, now he is tackling the world of Bonanzle booth sales (in his spare time).

When iBusinessLogic announced a special offer to Bonanzle Booth owners to build a website/blog with a Bonanzle product feed (See: Bonanzle Website Offer), Cliff was the very first to jump onboard!

Cliff plans on using this new website/blog in conjunction with his existing website to bring in long tail search traffic to both his website, and his Bonanzle and eBay operations. Cliff is an expert in his field of memorabilia and movie collectibles. He will write informative and interesting blog posts about the history of Hollywood along with informative articles about the great finds he has in his inventory of thousands of unique collectibles.

Our first design for Cliff’s new website/blog looks very nostalgic, we certainly hope he likes what we have done. But if he needs a tweak or two, or a completely new look, we will make it right for him.

Things and Other Stuff - New Look

Things and Other Stuff - New Look

We have other projects in the works for Bonanzle sellers and I think it will build a great community over at Bonanzle if more sellers join in with their own blogs/websites designed to not only promote their individual businesses, but also the entire Bonanzle community.

The more outside links leading back to Bonanzle, the better sales will be for each and every Bonanzle merchant. This is one way to build traffic for a selling venue through a grass roots effort. With every Bonanzle merchant who has a desire to not only increase their own business, but also add to the entire health of the site as a whole, sending traffic from sites like Cliff’s new Bonanzle focused website/blog, the selling venue will grow in both sellers and buyers at an even more impressive rate.

If you have been considering building a website to promote your own Bonanzle or Etsy, or Online Auction or even eBay sales… Just get out there and do it! The biggest step is the first one, and we all know after that, its all just a matter of following through.

Cliff Aliperti, is following through!

Congrats Cliff!

Read more at the We even have a another Bonanzle Booth owners website screen shot – let us know what you think of “A Night Owl’s Treasures”….

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0 Responses to Cliff Aliperti's new Bonanzle Blog! First Look, Grass Roots Traffic Generation

  1. Cliff Aliperti November 3, 2008 at 7:36 am #

    Thanks, Scott, I just finished posting to the Bonanzle boards about how happy I am so far, then I received a Google Alert leading me to this and see I’ve earned a full blog post from you! Gotta love that 🙂

    For those w/o the time to read through the Bonanzle post, I just wanted to reiterate a couple of the more important points from there over here. And this goes beyond the great job Scott is doing, instead focusing on the pleasure it has been working with him:

    “… my initial reaction was to contact Scott directly and give over much more freedom than I originally planned. This can be scary stuff, as these are OUR businesses, so it can be a bit worrisome to pass that buck along to someone outside of our business.

    “So I told Scott not to worry too much about the basic design information I provided him (at his request) and if he didn’t mind to feel free to take it in his own direction. I believe I used the term “antique-y” to describe what I was looking for, and I think he actually got what I meant

    “…I just want to say it out loud myself, this guy is very giving of his time, very quick to initiate a live chat if you’re a little unsure about something, and both willing to listen and ask the right follow-up questions when you have a suggestion.

    Thanks again, Scott!

  2. Trent_T November 3, 2008 at 9:10 am #

    Great write-up, Scott and Cliff!

    I have been following along with the bonanzle outbreak and have been researching the possibility of adding my own product line, as time permits.

    Also, we are looking into some website items to promote bonanzle products and the website itself.

  3. Bill Harding November 3, 2008 at 2:16 pm #

    Great job on both sites, Scott! And kudos on the site, Cliff! I love action-minded folks.

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