Scribefire – Firefox Blog Editor Companion – How To Video


 Scribefire is a Mozilla Firefox tool used by bloggers like myself who edit and publish on multiple blogs but it is also a useful tool for more sane people who only maintain a single blog…

 The reasons I like Scrubefire are many but the main perks are below:

  • Remembers your log in information for one or multiple blogs
  • Works across many blogging platforms
  • Includes Social Media Tagging and Ping capabilities (Delicious, Digg, etc)
  • Has a more complete editor than most free and some self hosted blog platforms
  • Allows the writer to view in split screen what he/she is writing and what they are writing about.
  • Saves drafts both on the host computer and to the blog platform
  • Just Works

Tools that just work are sometimes hard to find, these days were are constantly bombarded with new and exciting ideas and applications.  Scribefire simply works when you need it to…

Below if a video produced by explaining how to use Scribefire. The principles are the same for all blog platforms so take a look, this nifty app could save you time, aggrivation and allow you to produce some very nice blog posts in a short period of time.

(UPDATE: The video from would not play in this blog – so I scambled and found one on YouTube as a substitute… )


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  1. Cliff Aliperti September 10, 2008 at 1:50 am #

    Cool post, Scott, would have never run across this video otherwise.

    I might give this tool a try, as I do have a second blog that I post to way too infrequently–perhaps having it staring at me from that right sidebar might inspire me to be more active with it.


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