Major Change In eBay View Item Page Due – During Holiday Season

From the eBay Developer blog comes a bit of news… 

We all know eBay has been testing a new look and feel for the view item page. I agree the format should be changed a bit to freshen up the entire eBay site. But take a look at the changed design and then read the rest of the story….

New View Item Page in Sandbox

Posted by Laurel Kline in Product News & Sandbox
Wednesday, Sep.10.2008, 5:43 PM PT


Want to see how your listing will look in the new View Item page? Head on over to!

The new View Item page is now live in the Sandbox for all listings. This lets you test your listing templates to make sure they’ll look good in the new page.

The domain split for the item description is also live. We suggest that all developers and template creators list in the Sandbox so you can test how your template works. You’ll be able to catch any unexpected interactions with the iFrame.

The new View Item is being displayed to a small number of users now, but is scheduled to roll to the entire site before the holiday season.

You heard it direct from eBay – this switch is going to occur site wide prior to the Holiday Season!

I know many merchants are already in holiday season mode, my clients have been getting ready for months, so what exactly do the eBay developers mean by “before the holiday season”?

By December 10th?

Seriously eBay – why do you insist on making major changes in the middle of peak selling season?  We agree it is the best time to look good to consumers, but if the new view item page is not ready now – in Mid September, it should wait for implementation until after December 25th…  We are in the Holiday Season right now… just get out of your developer chair and drive down to Walmart, where you will see Christmas decorations overpowering Halloween decorations on every aisle.    

Merchants do not have the time to implement new listing templates to accommodate a change by eBay in the 4th quarter. As a result, many will have hundreds if not thousands of listings which could or will have display problems. 

Placing a small notice on the eBay developer blog to check your listings on the eBay Sandbox may be effective for those who read the eBay developer blog… But many real time merchants don’t even know what the eBay Developer Blog is, or have time to look for it.

Please eBay – Re-evaluate your timing for major changes like this… Speaking from the perspective of a Certified eBay Stores Designer, I am asking in the name of my clients for some sense that you know what the stress and pressure of peak season is all about.

Give your merchants a break, move this back to January, please….

UPDATE: From eBay

Clarification on New View Item Page Rollout

Posted by Laurel Kline in Business News
Friday, Sep.12.2008, 5:37 PM PT


There were some questions about the rollout plan I mentioned for the new View Item page, and I wanted to answer them.

We’re very excited about the new View Item page, and think it’s really going to improve the shopping experience.

We’re starting by showing the new page to only a limited number of buyers. If the results are positive, we’ll gradually increase the number of buyers who see it.

It would be great to roll it out completely in time for the holidays, but we’re committed to not releasing it until it’s ready.

Meanwhile, to make sure that  your listings look their best, follow these best practices:
Developer Impact: View Item
Developer Impact: Domain Split

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0 Responses to Major Change In eBay View Item Page Due – During Holiday Season

  1. Henrietta September 11, 2008 at 11:51 am #

    Scott I am wondering what you think about the new View Item page as an active seller?

    I like the clean look of it, very much like Target in fact. I am wondering if our somewhat spoiled and pampered buyers are going to click on the tabs.

    Would you care to comment on it from the viewpoint of a seller who is not a web designer? Many sellers believe if they don’t have their frufru templates they will not ‘stand out’. How will that work?

  2. Cliff Aliperti September 11, 2008 at 12:41 pm #

    Hate the tabs and to be blunt I’m really pissed that that Store listing frame is gone replaced a lame eyesore of top level categories which formats terribly if your categories are more than a single word. This is change for the sake of change and is asinine.

    It’s utterly mind-boggling to me that after forcing us to declare every single possible policy that we may or may not have, that they choose to hide them behind tabs which are really not needed.

    We have a hard enough time getting shoppers to view our items and then press the buy or bid button. Now you want to throw two more gratuitous clicks into the process? Mind-boggling.

    It’s so bad that every time I opt-in for a moment like I have now to offer my opinion I go into an absolute panic that I won’t be able to get back to the currently excellent view item page. I dread the day they flick the switch.

    I can understand a new team of designers wanting to distinguish itself from the old ones, but you would think that whoever had power of approval above them would operate under greater motivation than change for the sake of change.

    And that’s not a knee-jerk opinion, I’ve been aware of the new page for at least a month now and it makes my blood boil just as much today.

    All that after saying nice things about eBay on your other post 🙂

  3. auctionwally September 11, 2008 at 10:54 pm #

    At this point, does anyone really care anymore? I hope so, as an eBay Powerseller with lots of antique Christmas ephemera to market, I really do.
    But I have my doubts about eBay. After 10 years of selling on the site, I’m gearing toward weening off and will probably keep only a token presence there.

    I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve been able to successfully replace my eBay income with other selling venues.

    Nothing by itself has been able to replace the eBay income for me, but the culmination of efforts on other websites combined, including my own, has finally kicked in high enough gear for me bid this arrogant giant a fond farewell.

    It was tough at first, but it can be done, and the freedom & security are worth it!

    It’s amazing, I have never in my 30 years in business ever seen a company run so far away from it’s core identity as eBay has.
    Let’s see if they can be the next Amazon which is what they’ve stated they want to be.
    The only problem with that is, there’s a company who already has a lock on that marketplace, they’re called Amazon!
    As usual, your on top of the latest news Scott, thanks for that.

  4. Scott Pooler September 12, 2008 at 12:13 am #

    @ Henrietta,

    From what I can tell, the only changes to my listings will be a new header with a lot of re-arranged and wasted space. My listing templates display exactly as before, but this is the beauty of a Frooition powered eBay design.

    From the standpoint of an eBay merchant, I can see a lot of worry and frustration, especially if I had spent a great deal of time designing my own listing frame and set up my own template. Some simple html will no longer display correctly and that will be very frustrating for sellers, especially if they have hundreds or even thousands of listings to fix.

    With my listing management software, I just install one template and every time an item is listed or re-listed, the template design will re-populate automatically. So to accommodate changes like this, I simply only need to wait till items end, or end them and re-list, which can be done in bulk.

    The days of bouncing cutesy Gif’ and mouse tracers are over on eBay – Thank goodness…

    I am sure that for the people who use the sell your item form or Turbolister, the new design will help standardize the look and feel of their listings, which is always a good thing… As long as that look and feel is tasteful.

    I simply would rather these potentially disastrous changes would stop coming in the 4th Quarter at eBay – What’s the point of changing before the holidays? If they were going to do that, it should have been done last June. We are in the holiday season now – this is September – Don’t they know this much?

  5. Consignment Pal Resale Directory September 12, 2008 at 12:39 am #


    You’re so right! After all these years, you’d think eBay would know that September is the beginning of the holiday season. Where have they been?

    eBay should not roll out a format now because the effects are far reaching. It will be a costly mistake both in terms of reduced profits and increased seller frustration.

  6. Henrietta September 12, 2008 at 10:03 pm #

    The clarification from Laurel Kline can be summarized “We hear you but our minds are made up, take it, or leave”

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