Google Checkout Teaming Up With FedEX – eBay & UPS Watch Out

We are all aware of the relationship between UPS and eBay with the extension to PayPal.

(Shipping services on eBay are limited to the USPS and UPS and payment is tied in with PayPal ever more tightly every day.)

eBay, UPS and the USPS have had a very tight relationship over the years. With UPS & the USPS providing eBay merchants a discount when placing shipping business through eBay checkout. This is a great deal, and I use it every day but…

What About FedEx – My Favorite Ground Carrier?

It has disturbed me somewhat that FedEX has not been given access to the eBay seller marketplace over the years because frankly… I believe FedEx provides better pricing and service for merchants across the board, than pretty much any other shipping company.  I also believe in competition and equal access and I think the merchants should have the ability to choose from the major carriers in the shipping calculator on a massive platform like eBay.

(This is not a paid enforcement of FedEx, it is simply my experience over the last 20 years shipping packages around the World.)

But deals are deals and eBay, UPS and the USPS have there thing going on….

FedEx is not sitting on their rear however, it seems they have smelled the flowers and found opportunity with a small upstart by the name of Google.


With FedEx offering a 21% discount to merchants using Google Checkout, at a time when a merchants are building their own ecommerce outlets outside of eBay at a record pace and more competitors to eBay are accepting Google checkout, this seems like a very wise move by Fed Ex and Google.

Just click the image above to get the details of the Google/Fedex deal for merchants.

I know I will be recommending my clients look hard at the overall cost savings of using Google Checkout and FedEx shipping services together.  Even if the discount is tied in with Google AdWords spending, spending on Google AdWords and building ones own website could be more beneficial than spending money on eBay fees long term.

Check it out – I know I will!

(This is not a paid endorcement)

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  1. Sidewinder September 9, 2008 at 2:45 pm #

    This just continues to add to the concerns of what the future will have in store for ebay auction users. Google has definately proven that they are a force to be taken seriously and this just adds to that. Thanks for the important update!

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