Dinesh @ eBay Says Fixed Price 30 Days is Good To Go

Ok eBay sellers…. Time to load up on your fixed price 30 day options… Got your strategy set? Ready to start raking in that 30 day fixed price profit potential? Think it will improve your business or eBay’s business?

Time will tell, but here it is and it’s here to stay…. (At least we think it is)

September 15, 2008 | 03:20PM PST/PT

Dinesh Lathi

Hi everyone. I’m here with a reminder that the new pricing structure for Fixed Price listings, as announced by Lorrie on August 20th, goes into effect at midnight Pacific time tonight. That means that sellers will be able to start taking advantage of the new 30-day duration for Fixed Price listings for the new low Insertion Fee of 35 cents, and just 15 cents in Books, Movies & DVDs, Music, and Video Games.Also starting at midnight, and good through the end of the year, our special holiday promotion goes into effect for Books, Movies & DVDs, Music, and Video Games: Fixed Price Insertion Fees are just 5 cents when you use Pre-filled Item Information (see details here).

If you haven’t already, make sure you’ve reviewed all of the information pages we’ve provided to learn more about the other changes she introduced: “recent sales” as a factor in Best Match search results for Fixed Price listings (which may take a few days to roll out across the entire site), new maximum shipping and handling charges in Books, Movies & DVDs, Music, and Video Games, our paperless payments policy, our seller standards, and more.

In addition, check out the Seller Checklist, which will help you stay on top of when various policies and features will take effect, and provide updates on the availability of tools for bulk-editing your listings. A few key upcoming dates:

  • Starting October 1st and through the end of the year, sellers will get a free Subtitle listing upgrade, and eligible PowerSellers will get double their Final Value Fee discounts for items sold with free shipping.
  • By October 5th, make sure your first domestic shipping option in your Books, Movies & DVDs, Music and Video Games listings is within the new maximum charges.
  • On October 20th, our paperless payments policy will begin, and checks and money orders will no longer be allowed as payment methods.
  • Also by late October, you’ll need to specify your handling time and return policy in your listings.

As we did on August 20th, we’ll be answering your questions about these changes on our special discussion forum on September 16th from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. PT.


Dinesh Lathi
VP, Seller Experience

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