Trading Assistant Jobs – Business Owner Offers Full Time TA Employment

Maybe we should start a job board for Trading Assistants ? 

It does not come up real often, but listings like the one seen below are posted all over the country from time to time. 

Business owners really do not have the time to learn all of the ins and outs of listing merchandise on eBay or elsewhere on the internet (although they should take the time). Hiring a Trading Assistant full time could be a good move.

Think about it… the deal is good for both parties, the TA gets the satisfaction of selling stuff on eBay and a regular pay check, and the business owner gets years of experience dealing with the ins and outs of a very confusing marketplace.  One caveat however, the TA in question should be a specialist with experience in the types of products the business owner is marketing. 

At we are looking for someone to write and manage ebay listings for our products.  Take a look at the website to see the kinds of products we sell.  If you have experience selling on ebay and have an interest in fashion, we could use your help.

If you have experience with multiple language auction sites, even better.  Leave a comment with some information about your experience and a contact method.  (These comments will not be published.)

Please email us at:

Famous Fashions Found
     869 E. 4500 South, Ste. 302
     Salt Lake City, UT  84107

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