How Big is eBay? Global Aquisitions and Investments

eBay Global
eBay Global

One way to measure a company is by its acquisitions.

eBay has not been overly successful in the eyes of investors with a majority of its acquisitions. To be sure, there are some notable flops in the list below. 

However the flops fly, there are also some superstar Investments in this list. 

I thought we would present a list of all of the eBay purchases over the years in one place, (at least all we could find) just to give everyone a better idea of how big and what kind of global reach eBay really has.

(Not all aquisition prices found) – Believed to be accurate but not guaranteed

1998-07-16 Online auction  United States]
1999-04-27 Butterfield & Butterfield Auction house  United States $260,000,000
1999-05-18 Billpoint E-commerce payment systems  United States
1999-06-22 Alando Auction house  Germany $43,000,000
2000-06-13 Online marketplace  United States $318,000,000
2000-12-12 Precision Buying Service E-commerce payment systems  United States
2001-01-08 Internet Auction Co. Online auction  South Korea $120,000,000
2001-03-05 iBazar Online auction  France $66,000,000
2001-10-01 Online auction  Argentina 
2002-07-08 PayPal E-commerce payment systems  United States $1,500,000,000
2003-01-31 Online auction  United States
2003-07-11 EachNet Electronic commerce  China $150,000,000
2004-06-22 Online auction  India $50,000,000 
2004-08-14 Craigslist Classified advertising  United States $250,000,000 (25% Stake)
2004-11-10 Online auctions  Netherlands $290,000,000]
2004-12-16 Classified advertising  United States $415,000,000
2005-05-18 Loquo Classified advertising  Spain
2005-05-19 Gumtree Classified advertising  United Kingdom
2005-06-02 Online shopping  United States $620,000,000
2005-06-30 Classified advertising  Germany
2005-09-13 Skype Voice over Internet Protocol  United States $2,600,000,000
2006-03-09 Social network service  United States $10,000,000 
2006-04-24 Tradera Online auction  Sweden $48,000,000
2007-01-10 StubHub Electronic commerce  United States $310,000,000
2007-05-03 GittiGidiyor Electronic commerce  Turkey
2007-05-30 StumbleUpon Canada $75,000,000

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Did eBay buy anything this year?

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2 Responses to How Big is eBay? Global Aquisitions and Investments

  1. auctionwally August 24, 2008 at 11:39 am #

    That’s quite a list. The most impressive to me is Butterfield and Butterfield. But what will they do with it?

    I think the smartest move eBay ever made was the PayPal buy. StumbleUpon was a fun one, I just hope they keep their hands off it to allow the site to remain pure.

    I think the most important thing in the ether right now that eBay should be paying attention to is the GoAntiques acquisition by Worthpoint.

  2. Scott Pooler August 24, 2008 at 11:57 am #

    Hey Wally,

    Thanks for the comment…

    Remember, I have no list of acquisitions subsequently sold off… and have no idea if Butterfield and Butterfield is still owned by eBay.

    Agree completely PayPal is the star of the show, with StubHub coming in second in my book…

    Craigslist was a total bust as I have written about previously here:,,, Carad, MercadoLibre, and Stumbleupon are all thumbs up buys just based on visibility and usefulness.

    Some deride Skype, but that is based upon over paying for the product, not the usefulness of the service. I use Skype every day and love it. I wish eBay would have integrated it into the main platform better, sooner, more completely, but I still use Skype regardless…

    Good Product with a high pricetag, how many of us have experienced the same kind of purchases?

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