eBay Search – Three Tabs – Fixed Price, Auctions, ALL – Best Match?

Oh So Many Changes at eBay

eBay has made so many changes of late, it is hard to keep up with it all.  We all know the hot issues of Feedback, DSR’s and Best Match but what about the fundamental changes eBay has made to the look and feel of the site?

One change is the obvious separation of Auctions from Buy it Now (Fixed Price Items) from one another in search.  Buyers still have the option to see both on one screen, but thats a selection made in a tab at the top of search now.

I just listed a Kleinfeld Necklace and Earrings in Bridal Accessories and wanted to see how my item came up in search. With all of the complaints recently about Best Match, my hopes were not high that I would even find my item in such a large category.

Three Tabs – Easy Selection

The New Search lays it all out for the buyer – Just pick the preferred buying method (Auction, Buy it Now, or Both) and then drill down with Keywords and Categories.

Seems simple to me…

Drilled Down

I was surprised at how the search actually drilled down and found my listing by simply using one keyword and the category…

One keyword, One Category

One keyword, One Category

Kleinfeld Limitation

I made no Best Match changes and of course the keyword “Kleinfeld” produced limited results, I did not use the common keywords of “Necklace” or “Earrings”.

When we do search with the keywords “Kleinfeld, Necklace, Earrings” (exactly what I am selling) the immediate result brings up my item number one… Of course it is the only one available on eBay….

Kleinfeld, Necklace, Earrings

Kleinfeld, Necklace, Earrings

The question becomes, what is wrong with search on eBay?

Sellers are complaining about the “new” eBay search and how it confuses buyers, I don’t really see anything confusing here.

I am an advanced user but this search seems more logical than anything I have ever used on eBay in the past.

Does Best match work in fixed price? Time will tell… We know that sorting auctions by Best Match makes little sense to buyer or seller, but when the two methods of listing are separated, eBay Best Match may just be OK.

Now I wonder… whats coming in September with the next iteration of Search?

I also question how long eBay Auctions will be viable when “Fixed Price 30 days” goes into effect next month.

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  1. Henrietta August 24, 2008 at 1:06 am #

    First,kudos to you, what beautiful clear images in which I can actually see what I am looking at, thank you.

    I can see this search works for you with this particular item. My gripe with best match is I am not usually searching for something as unique or well titled.

    Not all sellers have the ability to state clearly what they are selling, many don’t have a clue. I find the particular china pattern I collect as ‘purple floral’ much of the time. The last one I found was ‘laverdar’ flowers (lavender). Many times they don’t mention the pottery which is Tuscan. If I search Tuscan Woodland Violet I may get 3. I know for a fact there are at least 9 items listed this evening that would match.

    Only the fact that I have been searching eBay for many years allowed me to find that many items, sadly it was not like that before. If search shows about 30% of what is out there it (and the seller) have failed.

    I find that sellers who know what they have, well enough to describe the not terribly rare and certainly not valuable mass manufactured 50s piece have an inflated idea of the price. I have seen my item moldering in stores with a $45 price tag and $12 shipping. I usually pay $12 including Priority. Check this one 280159505094

  2. Scott Pooler August 24, 2008 at 11:02 am #


    Thanks for the kudos on the Images. (Was that for the screen shots or the necklace?)

    In any case, regarding your last point about an item “mouldering” in stores…

    Soon, with fixed price 30 days, I think you will see a significant improvement in traffic to the items you would have normally listed in Stores format. Stores items have never received the kind of traffic that fixed price or auctions have and if you want traffic to eBay Stores listed items you must drive the traffic to eBay Stores listings on your own.

    The attraction of having an eBay store and utilizing Stores listings has always been the fact that the items listed there are offered for more than 7 or 10 days. This allows these items a chance to be indexed by the search engines. Bringing traffic into your store from Google, Yahoo, and MSN to in turn, offer that same traffic more similar and attractive items for sale within the store, is the name of the game!

    The game just got more interesting for eBay Stores owners with Fixed Price 30 Day format listings. Now these items will be indexed and listed in search, both inside of eBay and outside of eBay. To me this is a very exciting opportunity and Best Match or no, people will be “Finding” eBay Stores owners listings more often. It’s still up to the store owner to present them in an attractive manner and price them accordingly, but at least they will be seen more often.

  3. JD August 25, 2008 at 9:13 am #

    The search you cite is irrelevent to Best Match. Best Match is not a factor when there are limited results available for a particular search. Using the kewords ‘Necklace, Earrings’ returns over 19K results, so BM kicks in. Since your listing was in Store format it would not even be part of those results.

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