eBay off the Hook – Belgium Court Says….

More good news for eBay…

First it was Tiffany’s losing the court battle in New York

Now L’Oreal has taken their lumps in Belgium… The case is not over however as eBay must fight this charge in three more countries…

Glad I am doing my part to pay the legal bills!

BRUSSELS Aug 12 (Reuters) – A Belgian court on Tuesday dismissed all of the claims of cosmetics maker L’Oreal brought against eBay over the sale of fake fragrances and cosmetic products on online auction sites, eBay said in a statement.

L’Oreal started legal action in France, Belgium, Germany, Britain and Spain in September 2007, alleging the online auctioneer did not do enough to combat the sale of counterfeits. None of the other courts have ruled on the case yet.

The Belgian court ruled that eBay was not obliged to take action to fight counterfeiting, but eBay spokeswoman Sravanthi Agrawal stressed that the company cooperated with rights owners to tackle the sale of fake goods. She added that the company clamped down on all cases of counterfeiting notified to it by the firms concerned, even though it did not have a legal obligation to do so. (Reporting by Antonia van de Velde, Editing by Jan Strupczewski/Will Waterman)

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From Yahoo News:

Tiffany appeals eBay Internet ruling
Reuters via Yahoo! News Mon, 11 Aug 2008 11:22 AM PDT
U.S. jeweler Tiffany & Co on Monday said it appealed a recent court ruling that found eBay Inc was not responsible for policing fake Tiffany jewelry sold on its website.

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  1. Henrietta August 13, 2008 at 1:58 pm #

    I believe both plaintiffs are appealing the verdict so you will be able to continue ‘doing your bit’ to preserve the bonuses of those who must be obeyed.

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