eBay Fees ? Amazon Fees ? Etsy Fees ? Overstock Fees ? Try eBCalc

 eBCalc the venerable online fee calculator for eBay and PayPal has been used by knowledgeable eBay sellers for years.

Many of us long standing eBay sellers are very familiar with the interface and usefulness of this nifty free program found at the following URL: http://v1.ebcalc.com/

You may not be aware that eBCalc has changed,

…at least I was surprised to see that the simple eBay & PayPal fee calculator has undergone a growth spurt.  eBCalc is now much more than a tool for eBay & PayPal and it seems we have a certain Mr. Doug Boudreau to thank. 

eBCalc is now a multi-channel fee calculator with more functionality than ever before.  Not only will eBCalc return results for eBay’s many marketplaces and fee structures at the following URL: eBay Fee Calculator but it will now also help with fee calculation for many other marketplaces such as Amazon.com, Overstock.com and Etsy (among others). 

The older style eBCalc figured eBay and PayPal fees on a single screen and I think it is a nice touch that Mr. Boudreau continues to serve this version for the users who are happy with those limited options.


For those who want more options, take a peek at the new and improved eBCalc versions below.

Which section of eBay would you like to calculate fees for?

eBay.com eBay Stores eBay Motors eBay Classified Ads eBay Real Estate

 Of course the very important PayPal fees calculator is still available…


PayPal Fee Calculator


The inclusion of the additional fee calculators listed below is what makes this entire program a real time and money saver.  If your considering changing to another selling venue, or simply contemplating testing the waters outside of eBay, why not plug in some of your regular merchandise numbers in the following calculators to get an informed result before wading in to another platform.

  • Half.com Fee Calculator
  • Amazon Fee Calculator
  • BidPay Fee Calculator
  • ePier Fee Calculator
  • Etsy Fee Calculator
  • Overstock Fee Calculator
  • Certainly these calculations can be made in any spreadsheet program, but why go through all of the trouble when it has been provided for all of us here for free?

    One observation I think eBay would like me to point out…

    When completing a simple comparison of eBay vs. Amazon Marketplaces, using a single media category item… a DVD selling at $9.99 as an example, eBay wins the fees challenge hands down

    Net profit from Amazon with shipping costs included on the example $9.99 sale = $4.70. 

    Where as eBay and PayPal fees combined on the same sale, with the same shipping costs and charges are shown to net the seller more profit = $6.14. 

    A difference of almost 15% more net profit from eBay over Amazon Marketplaces.  (Non-Pro Marketplaces seller)

    Update: Overstock Auctions beats both Amazon Marketplaces and eBay in this comparision netting the seller $8.81 after a fee of only $.50!  ePier netted the same profit as Overstock and Etsy trails slightly with a net of $8.76. 

    Who among you, would have thought Amazon would be the least cost effective venue to sell on, in this example?

    Try your own comparisons, you may be surprised at the results.

    While fees are certainly not the only measure of a venue, I think making good use of the facts with calculators like the eBCalc family of tools only makes you a more informed and wise seller.

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    0 Responses to eBay Fees ? Amazon Fees ? Etsy Fees ? Overstock Fees ? Try eBCalc

    1. Henrietta August 2, 2008 at 11:41 am #

      I know you were making a simple cost comparison but it is important to remember that you can’t sell DVDs on Etsy and that the listing period there is four months. eCrater might be a more apples to apples comparison and would come out the winner. No fees.

      I prefer to calculate my listing costs on a per day basis, when selling low margin goods it is essential to keep a beady eye on exact overhead. :~)

      Adding repeat listing costs to the equation on a per day basis (even when not including the non-fee costs of your time to do it, which is a valid overhead charge) will make a substantial difference when comparing Amazon to eBay.

      Finally, Amazon is free to list and has simple & transparent rules concerning both listing findability and visibility, on eBay there are no certainties for either.

    2. Henrietta August 2, 2008 at 11:44 am #

      Whoops! I should have stated there are no selling fees on eCrater, you wil incur a 20c plus 2% Google Checkout transaction fee which is a 33% savings over PayPal.

    3. Scott Pooler August 2, 2008 at 11:55 am #


      Thanks for your comment, where you said….

      “Finally, Amazon is free to list and has simple & transparent rules concerning both listing findability and visibility, on eBay there are no certainties for either”.

      Amazon is not really “free” if an item sells, and that is the name of the game, no?

      Yes, my cost comparison was a simple one, meant to inspire people to use some sort of cost analysis. It is certainly better to look before one jumps to a new venue.

      The eBCalc simple interface and suite of fee costing tools should give sellers a step up if they have no other means to check it out for themselves.

    4. Andy Geldman August 6, 2008 at 9:00 am #

      For a good range of international eBay site fee calculators try ecal Fee Calculator or Free Auction Fee Calculators:


    5. Janice Martin February 17, 2009 at 11:09 pm #

      Yes Amazon has higher fees, but I have found that the Amazon buyer will pay a much higher price. I just started selling on Amazon & I’m amazed at the prices I’m getting. I think it is because the buyer feels more secure buying on Amazon. I figure the Amazon buyer never shops Ebay (thinks it’s a den of scammers)l, because if they did they wouldn’t pay the higher prices on Amazon Marketplace. It works for me!

    6. bcapper May 11, 2009 at 8:30 pm #

      You can download an excel sheet that calulates your Amazon selling price by GP dollars or GP percentage with all the fees. Download the Amazon Pricing Calculator Excel sheet.

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