eBay Buyers and Sellers Perception – Is It Reasonable?

Thinking About Expectations

Thinking About Expectations

When scanning Randy Smythe’s blog – “My Blog Utopia” I came across a post by “BMX” (i.e. Best Match Expert) on a new blog “Dollars and e-sense”. 

The post (The reasonable person, does this include eBay buyers?) has many very valid points regarding the eBay Buyer and the worlds view of eBay as a shopping venue. Mainly the article therorizes eBay is perceived worldwide as a place to find incredible, unreasonable, bargains.

Essentially, BMX is pointing out what most eBay sellers already know about the eBay Auction shopper.  They all are looking for unreasonably good deals.  I think the same can be said for a majority of the one of a kind and collectible eBay auction sellers. 

Many sellers come to eBay expecting to find incredible profit from items listed at 99 cents. It is no surprise really when you factor in the multiple high profile media reports of outrageous profits made from seemingly mundane items found in everyday locales.  

The facts of the matter are much different. 

Rare and valuable merchandise is available in the deep nooks and crannies of attics and garages, but repeatable, profitable merchandise is what builds a sustainable business. 

As a Seller, are your expectations reasonable?

  • Do you expect more profit from your merchandise than is reasonable?
  • Are you expecting to hit a home run on every listing, only to be disappointed?
  • Do you blame the buyers for thinking in much the same way as yourself, only with the opposite expectation?

For some sellers it is time to think hard about the buyers, think about the expectations of the buyer and then evaluate your own expections. Are you offering the buyer what they want?  Offering what the buyers want is the only way to succeeed on eBay or in any merchandising pursuit. Lets be reasonable…

www,freedictionary.com defines the word reasonable here:

1. Capable of reasoning; rational: a reasonable person.
2. Governed by or being in accordance with reason or sound thinking: a reasonable solution to the problem.
3. Being within the bounds of common sense: arrive home at a reasonable hour.
4. Not excessive or extreme; fair: reasonable prices.

Read the excellent post about eBay buyers expectations by: BMX here:


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  1. Henrietta August 24, 2008 at 2:20 pm #

    BAM! You hit that nail precisely on the head. One of the things which surprised me enough to blog on when the eBay seller boycott first started and sellers were opening up on alternate venues; they were listing on free sites like eCrater and had whapped their prices up dramatically.

    Why? Their overhead had decreased between 12.3% and 15% by losing Insertion Fees and Final Value Fees and here they were increasing prices (in the categories I check) from 60% upwards.

    Specifically a single Fiesta Ware cup and saucer, not a rare color or red which is popular, $45 with $12 S&H commonly seen on eBay below $10 with $7 Priority shipping.

    I may not buy on eBay any more but I do check inventory and prices for items of interest daily. I also know how to price comparison shop. These are the same sellers who are moaning that there are no sales off eBay.

  2. Just A Thought August 25, 2008 at 12:43 am #

    “Get While The Getting Is Good” perhaps?

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