Disney World – Politics – Digital Delivery and Affiliate Summit – What?

Back in April, when the digital delivery debacle at eBay was hot and heavy with uncertainty, we presented the story of a digital delivery merchant who had build a very nice business delivering a valuable product to eBay shoppers worldwide.  The product was/is a behind the scenes guide to the ins and outs of vacationing at Disney World Orlando, the marketer and sometimes political commentator in an alter life is Timothy Jones.

This is the article: Digital Delivery on eBay – A Crime or Just Bad Wording?

I have continued to stay in contact with Timothy Jones since that article was published and I am happy to report that he has continued with his many businesses and is doing fine. eBay changes aside, he made adjustments and moved on.

Timothy had the good fortune of attending Affiliate Summit East in Boston this year. Read more about the history of Affiliate Summit here: About Affiliate Summit

I could not attend affiliate Summit this year so I asked Timothy to bring back an inside view from a first time attendee to the event.  Since Timothy is a travel writer and all around good guy, he was kind enough to present our readers with a guest blog about Affiliate Summit 2008 in Boston.

If your interested in reading Timothy’s report and learning more about what its like to check out Affiliate Summit from a new attendee perspective, please follow this link to the ibusinesslogic.com/blog

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