Trading Assistant Journal Network on NING

People have asked why we do not have a forum, and to be frank, I never had a good answer.

With the amount of people following the Journal now, I thought it would be a good idea to test the waters and start an informal Network meeting place.

This place is called: Trading Assistant Journal Network

I set this up on Ning because they seem to have a lot of features not found on old style bulletin boards and forums.  If the Ning thing works, great, if not and we have interest, I will start a real hosted forum on one of my servers.

As many of you know, this site (Trading Assistant Journal) is hosted on the free platform.  This is where we started, and frankly I like it here.  I think we will stay on as long as we are welcome. Therefore, why not try a free forum to go along with our nice blog?

Ning does place Google adsence on the Trading Assistant Journal Network site, this is the tradeoff for free forums, and I do not see a dime from those adsence ad’s.

I hope the Network will become a place of value to my readers, where they can post interesting and respectful information and share ideas with like minded people without fear of threads being removed for mentioning the wrong company, or for disagreeing with the moderator.  The only offences to cause a person or post being plucked, will be outright disrespect, foul language, or personal attacks on other members of the Network. None of us have time for these things.

So, take a look, give it a whirl, post a hello… If you like it, stay, if not… OK

There will never be any dues to join other than participating in the conversation…

Lets Talk!

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