Phone Support Number- Customer Care From eBay?

eBay Phone Support eMail

eBay Phone Support eMail

eBay offering PHONE SUPPORT? to ANYONE?

I just received this email in my inbox, to tell you the truth, the way it was formatted (this is an actual screenshot) I thought it was a spam or spoof or phish or whatever….

On a whim, and with an unlisted (Skype) account, I called the number… What do you know, eBay answered! A real honest to goodness customer service line! With a real recorded voice and everything!

But wait… Its not for everyone – Booooo

This line is only for specially invited members (Guess I am lucky).

I had to enter my new special PIN number to get past the initial screening. Once that task was complete, I was presented with a menu of options, billing, selling help, etc… I selected the Trust and Safety option…

At this time, I am still on hold, to give you an idea of how long I have been on hold I will tell you what I have done in the intervening time since placing this call…

  • Created a .tiff screenshot of the image above from my email
  • Saved the screenshot in my eBay images folder
  • Opened the screenshot in photoshop CSIII
  • Converted the screenshot to a reduced .jpeg
  • Uploaded this screenshot to my Flickr account
  • Located same in the Flickr account
  • Created a new blog post in the Trading Assistant Journal
  • Inserted the screenshot and re-formatted
  • Entered this much content in the article/blog post

Still standing by, of course the number just was released so I am sure many people are doing what I am (testing the number out to see if it is real).

I can say it seems real, but I have yet to speak with a real person. All in all, I appreciate the effort, especially after the recent 20 Day Trust & Safety Cornerstone Commercial Supply debacle.  Connie Carpenter of Cornerstone sure could have used this number!

I have been on hold now for over 15 mins and I really do have other things to do… So I will let someone else have my place in the queue… But I will keep this eBay customer support number for future reference… If I had a real problem it could come in handy – especially if a real employee with real answers answers the call…

Hope I don’t have to test this out for real anytime soon! But at least eBay thinks I can be trusted with the super secret special number… Wooo Hoooo!

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4 Responses to Phone Support Number- Customer Care From eBay?

  1. Linda July 18, 2008 at 12:50 am #


    Unbelievable! Hope it’s true. Did it come to you via My eBay also?

  2. Siv July 21, 2008 at 8:28 pm #

    I got the number, but didn’t bother doing anything with it. I have never had to contact eBay before. They seem very hard to contact, however, PayPal’s number has proven to be very useful during my years selling on eBay.

  3. Karen April 15, 2009 at 2:57 pm #

    Thank you for posting this phone number. It helped me NOT participate in a scam using ebay through Craig’s list. It is real.

  4. f r demmer October 6, 2009 at 2:52 pm #

    ‘Also have recvd this number. That was after some clever I.T. cjaracter had used the user name for another account. Nearly got somewhere; but as usual, the miscreant only completely boggled up the existing account. So,. . from the eBay page, there was a ph number to talk to their rep while putting the account together again. Then, today, wanted to confirm that a vendor may limit the number of bids(??) on their page. Sounded phoney and dumb; even could have been a hoaxster using a bogus eBay page to get customers to bid on their crappy web place. But the ph number of 2 (two) yrs past was valid. There are only a bunch of bogus answer-bots that direct you to Tha Webbe. Disappointnig, after the great connections that PayPal has. Their reps seem really skillful at directing questions, too. While that anonymous feeling about eBay seems to be even ever-growing. Hopeless. FRD.’

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