Larry Phillips – Live On The Air – Filling In For IMA President

Larry Phillips has volunteered to fill in for Steve Grossberg on the eBay and Beyond, Basics to Business Internet Talk Radio Program next Saturday…

Larry Phillips Former IMA Board Member

Larry Phillips Former IMA Board Member

Guest Blogger and Former Member of the Internet Merchants Association

When asked to to the show, Larry readily agreed with one caveat…

I’ll be happy to do it.  When you announce it, I want it to be made clear that I am only agreeing because Steve canceled.  The current and former membership still have questions, and deserve answers.  Since I am no longer a member through the actions of the existing Board of Directors, I am not bound by confidentiality, and will be happy to answer any questions regarding what happened up until my membership was removed on Monday.  I would certainly prefer that Steve participated, and if he changes his mind again and decides to participate, I will then leave it up to him whether I should participate or not.

I think Larry is indeed correct, the membership does deserve answers.

Since Larry was a member of both the Board of Directors and the Ethics Committee, I believe he can shed light on numerous topics which the rank and file members of the IMA have questions about.

Larry knows what happened, and when it happened.  I have spoken with Larry at length and find him to be an honest and above board individual who simply devoted a significant amount of time to do his share at the IMA.

Listen Live

Listen Anytime – Live Show on Saturday

His summary dismissal came after he purportedly brokered a deal in which all of the current board members, including himself, would resign and offer the membership a chance to elect a new board.  This deal was completely reversed without Larry’s input or knowledge on Sunday, he resigned from the board but not the organization. The next day, Larry was removed without his consent from the organization as a whole, without a grievance or explanation.

It will certainly be interesting to hear what Larry Phillips has to say during next Saturday’s eBay and Beyond Radio Show!

ANYONE may call in to ask a question or share their story during or after the scheduled interview with former IMA Board member Larry Phillips: 866-357-7746

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  1. Tom July 12, 2008 at 3:19 pm #

    Will you please post a direct link to the podcast replay?


  2. Scott Pooler July 12, 2008 at 3:46 pm #


    Just click the link above that says listen. Unfortunately I think Dave White was heading out fast on Vacation and did not get the show uploaded to i-Tunes or his Archives.

    When I see the show in either place I will let you know here.

    The blue button above is a link to a 24 hour live 365 loop of the show. You can click it anytime to listen in.

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