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iBusinessLogic Web Development Projects 2008

Above is an example of a “Flowgram” http://flowgram.com

I have been invited to beta test the web application which allows the user to insert live web pages into a slide show with your recorded narration.  I plan on using Flowgram to create step . slide show instructions for AuctionLogic in addition to back end instruction on blog management and post creation.

The first presentation above runs a bit long, (it was my first time as a narrator) but I think it gives a straightforward idea of just one way that Flowgrams could be used.  Seeing the progression of slides representing the web development projects we are working on at iBusinessLogic Corporation (and have completed this year), really gives a good idea of how hard we have been working at iBusinessLogic on web and blog development.  One interesting aspect of the Flowgram is I can go back and add a slide at anytime and it will then be presented to whomever has imported this presentation on their website in the future.

Flowgram can be exported directly to places like Facebook and WordPress among others or a direct link is available after creation.  This may not work quite like paid solutions such as Cametasia where the narrators mouse and live interactions are recorded on the screen but it is still a valuable tool for showing PowerPoint style presentations with audio.  Being free (for now), is just a plus!

(Side Note: if you saw this post with only a link, I apologize.  I set this to import directly from Flowgram to WordPress last night and when it did not appear right away I assumed the export/import had failed and went to bed.  Apparently it takes about three hours to propagate – keep that in mind when you export your FLowgrams directly to your blog, you may have to go back and check for the post created and add some text content to explain the link.)

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