PayPal Buyer Disputes Now Appearing in "My eBay" Console

July 09, 2008 | 04:32PM PST/PT

Ted Fong

Hi everyone…I’m Ted Fong with eBay’s Buyer Experience team. In the next few days, eBay’s Dispute Console will contain any claims you’ve made through PayPal, as well as PayPal claims filed by your trading partner. You’ll also see the status of the claim or dispute, as well as a notification if you need to take action.

To get to the Dispute Console, go to My eBay and click the link in the left column.


Ted Fong
Buyer Experience

This seems like a good move…

Anything to allow the seller a chance to respond quickly to any dispute within PayPal or eBay is a good idea in my book.

We recently experienced a PayPal buyer dispute from our allbusinessauctions eBay account sales.  The item sold was a used commercial appliance or furniture hand cart which cost more to ship than the buyer bid on the item.  The hand cart never arrived at the destination even though we carefully wrapped it and shipped DHL.

DHL has been slow to provide details on our claim yet our buyer has been very patient and has stated that he understands this was not our fault. 

Of course it is not our fault but we have also taken the time to stay in contact with the buyer through the PayPal dispute procedure providing regular emails, letting him know what we are doing to try and resolve the situation, either by tracking his item or by processing an insurance claim.

Communication is key to resolving any issue, be it with a buyer, a seller or a supplier. 

If you simply expect the other party to know what you know, without telling them directly, the other side will eventually become suspicious or feel slighted, even if the situation works out to their advantage in the end.  Keeping in contact shows your professionalism and your attention to detail and this in turn will increase the buyers opinion of you and your business, even if things go wrong.

I have proved this theory to myself on numerous occasions, why not try it yourself…

Now if we could just get eBay to read this article and post it on the Trust & Safety office wall!

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