Internet Merchants Association – Larry Phillips – On the Radio – Important Announcement Today!

Listen LiveLarry Phillips on eBay & Beyond This Morning

Larry Philiips former IMA Board and Ethics Committee member will be live on the eBay & Beyond, Basics to Business Internet Radio Talk show this morning.
Larry is filling in for current President of the Internet Merchants Association – Steve Grossberg, who backed out of the scheduled interview slot.
Larry is expected to tell the members of the IMA and anyone else who is interested and would like to call in, the real story behind the implosion at the IMA last week.
Larry is in a unique position to share with the listening audience what happened behind the scenes at the Internet Merchants Association Board of Directors and Ethics Committee’s closed door sessions.  He has promised to share all he can with the people who matter the most to him – the members of the IMA.

Larry Phillips has volunteered to fill in for Steve Grossberg on the eBay and Beyond, Basics to Business Internet Talk Radio Program next Saturday…

Larry Phillips Former IMA Board Member

Larry Phillips Former IMA Board Member

Larry also will announce a new place for IMA members, former members and anyone else interested in discussing Internet marketing and merchandising to gather and share information.
In a pre-interview email, Larry Phillips gave us the “heads up” on an announcement he will make during the show:

The announcement will be the creation of a discussion forum.

It’s going to be  It’s going to be free, and open to anyone that wants to join, as long as they don’t become a whiner or a nuisance.  There will just be moderators to make sure that there’s no profanity, and no major attacks.  No officers, no bylaws, nothing like that at all.  We’re going to come up with some basic “getting started” guidelines, and from that point forward, all changes to the guidelines will be decided on by the membership.  We envision one week polls, and whoever votes, votes.  At the end of the week, if it gets more yes’s, it gets implemented.  If it gets more no’s, it’s not.

Totally fair, totally member run.

The reason we’re going to do this is that we believe there are two benefits to being a member of the IMA – the discussion board and the conference.  We don’t want to try and run a conference.  Too much work, too much money involved, and it requires an organization.  We just want to have a place where people like you and me can congregate, discuss issues of common interest, and provide assistance to each other.

We hope to get vendor types involved, but it’s up to them.

We also think it will be a great place for people from PESA and IMA to meet together.  It doesn’t replace either organization, but hopefully will have a discussion forum of a lot better quality than either. I think you’ll like it.  And if there’s something that you feel needs to be improved, we’re going to make sure the process allows you to bring that to the Forum, we’ll have a discussion, and vote, and the entire active organization will decide whether we should do it or not. So that’s the deal.  It should be running within 24 hours, but I’m going to wait until Saturday to announce, although there are already four or five people that know. We figure the total cost will be no more than $20 per month, and we’ll ask for donations.  We believe enough members will throw in $5 or $10 every so often to keep it running.  That’s it.

ANYONE may call in to ask a question or share their story during the show: 866-357-7746

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0 Responses to Internet Merchants Association – Larry Phillips – On the Radio – Important Announcement Today!

  1. Henrietta July 12, 2008 at 12:03 pm #

    4am on a Saturday morning? Not. Hopefully they will archive it.

  2. Scott Pooler July 12, 2008 at 12:16 pm #


    Yes, just click the link in the story above (the Blue Button) and it will go to a 24 Hour Loops of the shows on Live 365.

    Or you can look for it on i-tunes (eBay and Beyond).

    Or You can find the archives at the link from the bottom graphic in the article.

  3. Ex-IMA July 12, 2008 at 6:07 pm #

    I like Larry and I have been a big supporter of Larry through this entire thing. But he said something in this radio interview that made me shake my head in disgust and seriously question all of his motives.

    During the interview, he was asked about the infamous post he made on IMA, this blog, and other places, that included contact information for the Florida Attorney General and encouraged everyone to file a criminal complaint against the IMA. At one point, they asked him, “Did you file a complaint?” and he gave the LAMEST answer: He hemmed and hawed and then said “Well, with everything going on I just forgot.” Oh, brother.

    And then the interviewers asked an excellent follow-up: “Do you plan on filing a complaint in the future.” To which Larry said “No, I’m not. I am not now nor do I plan any legal complaint against IMA.”

    Well, gee, Larry, thanks a lot. Way to post all the info for people to file against IMA and then not file yourself. Seems like you wanted to hang the IMA out to dry but wanted others to take all the risk. The “I was so busy I forgot” excuse is so disingenuous and wrong that I really have to question your motivation in this whole thing. Either you thought what the IMA did was wrong and criminal and you should report it or you shouldn’t… but you shouldn’t go around to blogs and forums and post messages encouraging others to do what you now appear to have been too cowardly to do.

    In the interview you said you heard from others that they called and complained. I now challenge you Larry to back up your words and make the phone call to the Florida State Attorney’s Office and file a complaint, too. I am really disgusted by what appears to be a massive hypocrisy on the part of someone who has looked to be in the right this whole time.

  4. Larry Phillips July 12, 2008 at 11:47 pm #

    Hello Ex-IMA,

    I’m sorry if I let you down. First, let me say this. If you would email me at and let me know who you are, I’d like to give you a better response. But I’ll say this – I’ve put my neck out in multiple ways, and have left myself open to potential lawsuits. While I believe them to be unfounded, and without cause or justification, it would still require me to retain an attorney, and I don’t have an IMA treasury to fund that. Based on the situation, I feel it is in my best interest to not begin any legal actions. I will be happy to discuss this further and provide more details if you will email me. I’m sorry I have upset you, and if you give me the opportunity to explain myself, I think you will see things from a different perspective. I hope to hear from you.

  5. Ex-IMA July 13, 2008 at 12:44 am #

    Well you should have stated that up front. I mean, really. Going around to multiple websites encouraging others to do what you yourself feared doing. I don’t recall you warning others of financial pitfalls, but boy you sure went out of your way to encourage them to file a complaint. It’s just really disappointing. And at least you could have said the above on the radio instead of simply “Oh, it was such a busy week I just forgot.” What a joke.

  6. Scott Pooler July 13, 2008 at 8:19 am #


    Just so you know, Larry Phillips never contacted me about the State of Florida Attorney General story. I found the information through another source. I wrote my article about the members of the Internet Merchants Association submitting information to the State Attorney before I had ever spoken to or interviewed Larry Phillips.

    I can’t say whether Larry went to any other website or Journalist about this, but I do believe we at the Trading Assistant Journal were one of the first to break that portion of the story.

    Larry seems to me to be a very sincere, honest and up-front person. He has spent just as much time and effort defending the members, board and president of the IMA on the phone with me, as he has in sharing what went wrong and why.

    Larry has openly shared, on live Internet radio, what he believed to be the causes of the “IMA Implosion” (A term coined by Randy Smythe, another blogger). To paraphrase what Larry has done, as “a joke” is not worthy of consideration.

    Larry Phillips dedicated a great deal of his own personal time, funds, effort, and stress level tolerance to the IMA as a board member and a ethics committee member. He was ostracized because he tried to help Debbie Levitt when she came to him and asked for advise. Steve Grossberg found it appalling that Larry, a fellow board member, would actually try to help a member that he himself did not like, that he filed a complaint against Larry for “conflict of interest”. Tell me, how is it a confilct of interest to help the members of an organization you happen to be on the board of directors of? Is the board supposed to keep themselves insulated from all members, or just the ones Steve Grossberg does not like? How is the board to know eho they can help, and who they can not? Call Steve first?

    This gentleman (Larry Phillips) has gone through a great deal already. I commend him for speaking out, for trying to help the members of the organization he served as a board member and for having so much integrity.

    This man has every right to be completely and utterly negative towards certain individuals on the board at the IMA from all reports (both his own and others). Yet he still defends the IMA and its president and above all wants to be sure the story is accurately told, without embellishment, and without rancor.

    Please re-think your comments here, or take Larry up on his offer to discuss it with him personally.

  7. Larry Phillips July 13, 2008 at 1:46 pm #

    Thank you Scott. With all due respect, Ex-IMA, if you aren’t willing to identify yourself, I think you have no right to discuss what I did. It’s entirely possible that you are really one of the people supporting the current Board, and are simply attempting to denigrate my character. You are the only person who has made a comment like this, and unless you reveal yourself to me (privately is fine), your comments are no longer worthy of a response.

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