IMA Membership Revoked – As WAS CEO Debbie Levitt Say's in blog post

While reportedly awaiting an apology from the BOD at the Internet Marketing Association to which she belonged, Debbie Levitt posted on her blog today that she has been summarily expelled from the IMA.

Without a warning first. Without any correspondence. Without any suggestions. Without a note from moderators.

Payment Details
Amount: $300.00 USD
Subject: ima dues
Note: membership dues refund cancellation of membership

from: As Was marketing hall of fame blog

Apparently Debbie received a partial refund via PayPal of her $599.00 Gold business membership package from the IMA. 

Readers will recall that Debbie Levitt of AS WAS became involved in a war of words between herself and IMA President Steve Grossberg on the IMA discussion forums.  Both sides report issues such as slander and IMA rules violations and it is our understanding that both parties were suspended from posting on the discussion forum for a period of days.  We know from Debbie Levitt’s blog that she apologized for her infraction but we have no reports of Mr. Grossberg following suit.

Debbie Levitt is claiming several instances of slander and damage to her professional stature, she is indicating she will pursue legal remedy for same. 

On another note, a former board member at IMA recently posted a comment on the Trading Assistant Journal which indicated she advised the board to secure insurance against such actions but she was ignored.  Exposure to action is one of the main detraction’s from becoming a board member in any organization. If the organization does not protect itself, or its officers from litigation it has been reported by other sources the legal exposure could reach personal and business assets.

We certainly hope the situation will not reach this level of litigious action, but if the Florida Attorney General is called to investigate, one could only imagine the numerous civil suits which could follow.

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  1. Debbie Levitt July 7, 2008 at 11:34 am #

    Actually, I just changed my post when I went into PayPal and found that I had a FULL refund.

    I seem to be the only person getting a full refund even though I didn’t ask to leave the group. I got NO email about why I’d be thrown out.

    So why aren’t others getting full refunds, especially when they’re being forcefully kicked out without asking to leave?

    Scott, you need to cover this point? The IMA is looking to throw out everybody who would be voting to remove the Board in the new Special Meeting that was called. If they remove the people who want to vote out the Board, then hey, as a former member, you can’t vote, and the Board stays.

    It’s a HUGE manipulation. It’s incredibly dirty. And people need to know about it. Removing the members who might vote the Board out… that wilder than my crappiest moment in PESA!

  2. Scott Pooler July 7, 2008 at 11:38 am #

    Looks like you have covered it here Debbie…

    Sorry for your troubles, hope all works out for the best for everyone concerned.


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