Contribute to an Article about eBay Competition, Amazon, Etsy, OnlineAuction or eCommerce Website?

WritingI am very honored to have been commissioned to research and write an article for a major publication.

This article will focus upon the general interest and the genuine need of eBay centric online merchants to learn about options available to them beyond eBay.

We all know and have discussed the evolution of the eBay system into a new and as yet undefined platform. Much of the old eBay that many merchants relied upon and understood has changed or will change in the near future.

eBay remains a powerhouse of eCommerce traffic and will remain so for some time.  Yet, it has become apparent  to most merchants in the eBay community that relying completely on a single venue may not be the best business plan.  eBay merchants are hungry for information pertaining to diversification of risk and secondary channels.

The question remains, and it seems to be an often asked question… Where do I go, outside of eBay?  What platforms should merchants look to for merchandising inventory online?

The obvious options as eBay competition include Amazon, Yahoo Stores, and stand alone eCommerce websites, we will research each of these options and more.  The scope of this project seems daunting when you think of it because the options are more prevalent and easier to access now than at any other time in Internet marketing history.

What venues are worth the investment in changing the entire system of doing business these merchants have been accustomed to using within eBay?  Is it better to build a website and then market through the search engines and comparison sites?  Are other venues like Amazon, Etsy,, Craigslist, uBid and others worth the effort to set up?

The entire discussion could fill a book and could very well turn into one. For now we will focus on producing a well researched article naming the real competitors to eBay, how they work, what they charge, and how productive they are in the final analysis.

I can not possibly sign up for accounts with each venue, even though I have several outside of eBay.  My hope if to compile information from the users of these venues along with from the venues themselves to assemble what we believe will be the best options for online marketing and merchandising in the future.

So, here is my pitch to you the Trading Assistant Journal readers.

Add to my research with your facts figures, stories and details regarding venues OUTSIDE of eBay. Send me any information you wish to add to our thoughts and ideas bank, we are looking for both quotable opinions and confidential thoughts or information. Submissions may come from merchants and providers or venues themselves.

This will not be an article about eBay at all, it is an article about options, about opportunity, about the future of eCommerce and how you the merchants see each platform in your future. I think if we all contribute to the future of our business to help educate and inform future and present merchants, the eCommerce community will grow stronger each day. There is plenty of room for each merchant, and lots of demand for products. Lets work together to find the best solutions for everyone.

All submissions will be held as confidential unless attribution is requested or granted.  Not all submissions will be included but those that are and who wish to be open to the public will receive full credit and links back to thier website (with the final publishers approval).  We will be sure to include links here for any contributors who are included, even if the publisher of the final article will not include them.  No payment for contributions is offered beyond what has been stated above.  Every contribution will receive my personal thanks. Submit contributions through our contact form.


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0 Responses to Contribute to an Article about eBay Competition, Amazon, Etsy, OnlineAuction or eCommerce Website?

  1. Keith Bloemendaal July 1, 2008 at 11:51 pm #

    I can’t wait to see the article. I look forward to hearing yours and others opinions on eCommerce options that are available to us. Furthermore, I am certainly NOT an eBay, or eCommerce expert (I do hope to diversify into eCommerce soon), but anyone who makes money online, should be spread out with different venues, if for no other reason than for personal research. It seems like putting all your money into one single stock on the stock market, then hope for the best!
    Thanks for all the mentoring you have so helpful!
    Keith Bloemendaal

  2. DelectablyYoursDecor July 6, 2008 at 9:49 am #

    Hi Scott,

    I am very curious to see how your research goes and the response you get as well as who the article was commissioned for. Yes, I am nosy. ; )

    The one aspect most sellers coming from eBay do not consider when selling on other platforms is their product line. Does it fit the venue they are considering? Will it be a profitable to continue marketing? Are they one time sale items that are best left to the auction sites or local flea markets or do they merit the time and expense of a full ecommerce site. What are their long term goals?

    During my transition from up-selling eBay customers to my website Delectably Yours Decor to going full ecommerce and nixing all auction sites for the time being I increased my more profitable product line (min. $50 profit per sale) and decreased the smaller ($20 or less items with $5-$10 profit) one or two of a kind items. This uses the theory of work smarter and not harder. The amount of time I save packaging and shipping let alone the expense of it is mind boggling as to why I did it to begin with except the fact that it was a tremendous learning experience. The remaining lower priced stock inventory is in storage and will be used as promotions during the holiday season on my new site.

    Bottom line on my move, the $1200 – $1500 I spent monthly on eBay fees I put towards the first few months of advertising and cut back to about half that the past few months. My average sale has increased to $176 and I have higher total gross sales and much higher profit margains than I ever did on eBay.

    Anyone serious about ecommerce should be using all the other platforms only for advertising purposes to promote your own business. If not, you will not be prepared for when that venue changes its business model as it may not fit yours.

    Great job Scott! All my best to everyone venturing out there!

    Gail Reece

  3. Scott Pooler July 6, 2008 at 10:01 pm #

    Wow, Gail!

    Thanks for the great comment!

    Many people could learn a great deal from you.

    I know you are using a certain platform for your ecommerce store, have you checked out any of the competition? Specifically the Amazon webstores option I asked you to look at?

    Keep me up to date please.

    Thanks Again,

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