"As Was" Debbie Levitt Comments – Inside the Internet Merchants Association Debacle

I was wrong.  In my previous article about the IMA Board of Directors, I said I did not know anyone who was involved with the IMA or had any information about the internal workings of the board or ethics committee. It seems Debbie Levitt of AS WAS had intimate knowledge of the situation which developed causing a rift between the IMA board and it’s own ethics committee commented upon in a previous article here on the Trading Assistant Journal

In a blog post recently, Debbie Levitt details her own set of problems with the board at the Internet Merchants Association.  It seems from Debbie’s blog post (by reading between the lines), one could conclude the recent implosion at IMA had something to do with a war of words on the IMA discussion boards between Debbie Levitt and Steve Grosberg, President and Treasurer of the IMA. Debbie views the comments made by Steve Grossberg on the IMA board as libelous and simply reports in her blog that she is asking for an apology for same. Thus far, no apology has been proffered. Debbie has been suspended from posting on the discussion board at the IMA.

Most of my regular readers here will recall I was invited by Debbie Levitt to speak and arranged for Jay Berkowitz of the Ten Golden Rules to also speak at the inaugural Rocket Place (formerly The As Was ConferenceTAWC) conference in Orlando, Florida last April.  I know Debbie well and we have worked in the same circles for years. 

Read Debbie’s version of the recent events and her interactions with the Board of Directors of the Internet Merchants Association as she experienced them here.

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  1. IMA - Rest in Peace July 5, 2008 at 12:11 pm #

    I am glad this is finally seeing the light of day — and I don’t just mean the controversy, but the exposure of the IMA as an imploding, non-functional trade group. Anyone thinking about joining now at least now about the hornet’s nest they are getting into and can stay away.

    RIP IMA 2006-2008


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