Announcements at eBay Fast and Furious – Search & Links Policy Altered

Apparently eBay is listening, or possibly they can’t hear themselves think?

The din of complaints about the new, yet vague and undefined linking policy seems to have caused eBay to re-adjust the timetable on implementation and enforcement of the no links edict.

Of course I do not agree with limiting the links from the me pages on eBay. Even though I do not agree, I have removed same from my me page and listings, just to be safe.

Now eBay has decided we need more time to accomplish the task of stripping any traffic generation capabilities from our eBay investment.

And what’s up with removing email addresses? Does eBay really think the eBay “my messages” system is adequate or even passable as a sales or customer service communications interface?  Are they really losing that much money to sellers selling off site to justify these restrictions? Or is eBay just blaming the stagnant growth numbers and flat stock price on this mythical problem, in an attempt to convince wall street they are doing something about these sellers stealing fees by talking to buyers outside of eBay? 

Personally, I will not buy anything on the Internet from a company I can not communicate with – oops, I pay eBay every month, better revise that statement.

For more of my thoughts on these policies read this

I wonder what the car dealers think of these new policies?  Is there really any reason to be on eBay motors if you can not develop leads from the calls dealers get on eBay listings?

Well, thanks eBay, we appreciate the extra time…

Maybe you could take this extra time to also define or address the rumor which intimates… sellers also will not be allowed to include customer service telephone numbers or physical addresses in listings or on the me page? I don’t agree with this idea any more than the links removal and understand it even less.  Let buyers communicate with sellers, let sellers sell. Small business needs to tell buyers they are a real business with a real store, on a real street, with a real phone number.

July 11, 2008 | 03:03PM PST/PT

Dinesh Lathi

Hi everyone. In addition to the news that Lorrie shared in her announcement yesterday, I have a couple of updates that I’d like to share with our sellers.We’ve recently introduced several new policies that may require some sellers to update their listings – I provided a quick checklist in my announcement at eBay Live!. While we believe that these policies are needed for the marketplace, we also want to make it as easy as possible for sellers to comply. Based on feedback we’ve received, we’re going to adjust the timelines for several of the policies.

  • More Comprehensive Links Policy on Its Way
    We originally announced that we would start enforcing our new Links policy this month. However, we’re continuing to review the policy and plan to provide you with a comprehensive update around mid-August. This means we will not change our enforcement of the existing policy at this time. Once the new policy is introduced, you’ll have a four week “grace period” to give you time to adjust your listings.
  • Specified Shipping Not Required Until August – Improved Tools Coming
    Similarly, we’ve previously told you that starting this month, sellers will need to specify their shipping costs to make sure buyers have a clear idea of what an item’s total cost will be. However, we’ve been working on improving our bulk editing tools to make it easy to update the shipping information within your listings all at once. These will be available in August, so we’re going to delay the enforcement of this policy as well until these are available. Stay tuned for more information as we get closer to launch.
  • The other requirements I mentioned in my previous announcement will still be coming in the fall. This includes the removal of email addresses from listing descriptions, and the requirement of a return policy and your handling time.


    Dinesh Lathi
    VP, Seller Experience

    And “finding” had some news today – nothing earth shattering here…
    July 11, 2008 | 10:58AM PST/PT

    Jeff King

    Hello…This is Jeff King, Senior Director of Finding. 2008 is flying by, and we’re making great progress with our new search experience. About 10% of our members have been using it for some time now, and we’ve also made much of the functionality available to anyone who wants to try it out on the eBay Playground.Since the experience was first released, members have given us some great feedback, much of which we’ve acted on. For example, user preferences now are “sticky” – basically, the system remembers them – and we’ve added more features to the advanced search page. We have also added an Auto Complete feature, which provides search suggestions in real time right from the search box! We’ll continue to incorporate members’ suggestions and feedback whenever possible into the experience.

    Defaulting more people to the new search experience
    Starting next week, we’re going to start directing more members to the new search experience by default. A small percentage will also see a new merchandising placement highlighting auctions that we’re testing for a limited time.

    If you’re using the new search experience, I’d like to thank you in advance for taking the time to let us know your thoughts. And if you’d rather not use the new search experience, you can simply opt out near the top of the search results page.

    And as I mentioned before, if you’re not already using them, you can still try the latest Finding features on the eBay Playground – new additions are made all the time. You can also stop by and leave your feedback on the Search discussion board, which my team regularly monitors.


    Jeff King
    Senior Director, Finding

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    1. Henrietta July 12, 2008 at 4:33 am #

      My friend Ed who is a UK PS blogged on why he is not listing as much these days, he is an international trader and an interesting read:

    2. kevin October 19, 2008 at 5:36 pm #

      “Ebay” the small businessman’s friend or enemy?
      Whilst running a small online business has few overheads ebay wishes to charge for anything they possibly can. I buy from local auctions and sell at local auctions if the item does not sale I don’t get charged where as ebay will charge what ever the outcome.
      If a buyer contacts me outside of ebay and offers money for goods I am selling, I am happy to avoid paying charges its more money in my back pocket. Ebay should rethink there whole business model if I could list for free like many sites and just pay one fixed percentage at the end life would be so much easier. I am happy to pay a fee but when the cost of your items is low and you have to re-list many times to sell, your profit is eaten up. For me now my business can’t work on ebay unless the items being listed are high value listing a book 3-4 times for $5 is just not worth the effort.

      The preferential promoting of paypal on ebay is not fair to other companies offering similar services. They might as well call it ebaypay as it is the same company. Ebay should strip back and not try and be clever I agree with all security measures but mind reading and being guided through my buying experience is like taking a blind man to a silent movie. The implementation of mandatory postal cost on listings is in the pipe line. This nightmare will cause many problems. If you list world wide do they have any idea the complications involved sending to different countries. You can’t do a flat fee system and if you add a price to listing and you under charge what happens then are the sellers supposed to lose out.
      Ebay are you listening. One thing is for sure there is not much for sale on this site at present take a look for yourselves its like a Russian supermarket in the cold war era.
      Where have all the sellers gone is it the credit crunch or has the easy to use auction alternative started somewhere?

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