Flowgram PowerPoint Presentation Tool Beta SNAFU

Yesterday I wrote about a “beta” test of Flowgram

Today I would like to report that there is a reason why these types of nifty programs are beta tested. Of course I was fascinated with the opportunities this program represented, and they still exist, just a few “bugs” need to be worked out first…

After I uploaded my first Flowgram iBusinessLogic Web Development Projects 2008 admittedly late in the night, when I should not have been working… I tried to get fancy by using some of the other interesting capabilities of the Flowgram service.

Flowgram has a connection with Flickr , which in therory allows the user to insert photos and graphics from Flickr into any Flowgram at any point in the slideshow. Wow, what a great time saver, since I already use Flickr it was something I really wanted to try.

I should have started a new Flowgram presentation to try this feature.

Apparently the developers at Flowgram have not figured out that Flickr allows the organization of photos into sets. When I used the Flowgram interface to navigate to one of my images in Flickr I simply selected the set of photos I wanted to find the individual picture within. Flowgram decided I wanted to upload all of the photos in that particular set (over 160 images) to my already finished presentation.

Before I realized what was happening, Flowgram had imported over 90 of those images to the presentation. This would not have been a serious problem, had I been able to delete these new slides created by the program from my Flickr images… Unfortunately, the number of graphics imported was too much for the web based interface of Flowgram, and the program would not allow me any access to these new slides. I could tell they were there, but I could not remove them, move them or do anything with them.

This was a problem, since the presentation was live on this blog and in other places.

The images were not private or racy but they just did not fit in with my presentation. I could not delete the entire Flowgram because I had spent a considerable amount of time recording narrations for each slide I did want presented.

I apologize to anyone who viewed the test Flowgram I created and came to the end only to find numerous images which did not fit in. The presentation has been corrected now (by simple luck and trying 4 different browsers), so the odd images are now removed.

My voice is still there, (if thats a good thing) and the images of our current projects are still there… (Although some do not display correctly now, and to change an image after audio has been recorded, one must also re-create the audio after the new screenshot slide has been created). Some way should be devised to keep the audio and images saved as seperate files so new images could be inserted under the same audio.

Needless to say, this is a free beta test for me, and I find the idea of the Flowgram service fascinating and possibly very useful for business and web use. But without fixing these issues, or allowing a way to save versions of a presentation without over writing the whole thing, it may be an iffy proposition to use this on a daily basis.

When the beta test is complete, I am sure the program will be much improved.

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  1. Tony (from Team Flowgram) July 30, 2008 at 1:08 pm #

    Thanks for the Flowgram feedback. You point out two important issues in your post that we are actively working on. The next release of the Flowgram Maker (due out shortly) will address both issues.

    The next release will allow users to select photos prior to importing an album whereas the current version just imports the complete album. The next release will also work around the Adobe Flex bug which limits the horizontal size of the movie. This is what kept you from being able to see all the Flowpages in your Flowgram.

    You also bring up an interesting point around versioning, when a Flowgram is live. It would be nice if we would allow you to explicitly decide whether or not to ‘replace’ a live Flowgram if you’re making changes. Perhaps we need to allow Flowgrammers to ‘save as’ when they start working on a previously published Flowgram.

    As you point out, we are in private beta and are taking this time to really hone the product and work out the kinks. We’re able to really understand and prioritize this optimization thanks to users like you.

    We appreciate it Scott.

    Tony Lopez

  2. Scott Pooler July 30, 2008 at 1:23 pm #


    Thanks for allowing me to be one of the beta testers of your program. As I said in my article, I think this program has great potential. I plan on using it to show potential clients our work and existing clients how to get the most from our blog installations, website installations and our software tools.

    Flowgram can be a great training tool as well as a marketing device. Once the Beta is completed and the kinks worked out…

    Keep up the good work you are doing! Let me know if I can help in the future.


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