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Internet Merchants Association Poll

Ok, we received several comments indicating the readers of this blog want to keep informed and up to date on issues regarding the Internet Merchants Association.  Please enter your votes here in this quick poll if you were or are a member of the IMA. We would like to gauge actual membership, so please vote.  [polldaddy […]

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eBay Ink Finds A Corporate Employee at eBay with Vision and Communication Skills

There are so many good points in what Alan Lewis says in this one article for eBay, I hope they take notice and ask this man to help them craft their message in the future. These are the kinds of messages everyone involved with eBay needs to hear. Sellers and buyers alike need to know that eBay itself is a huge behemoth of a machine, making changes to one part effects the entire organism

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Phone Support Number- Customer Care From eBay?

I have been on hold now for over 15 mins and I really do have other things to do… So I will let someone else have my place in the queue… But I will keep this eBay customer support number for future reference… If I had a real problem it could come in handy – especially if a real employee with real answers answers the call…

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eBay Trust & Safety & Live Help Fails Miserably – Cornerstone Commercial Supply Update

“It still upsets me that we have not received any e-mails or communication from eBay at all. I think they needed to talk to us and let us know what is going on. I have e-mailed them once and you e-mailed them. You did a live chat and I did 2 live chats. I even talked to a supervisor and was promised I would get a response from them. Absolutely nothing. That furiates me.” Connie Carpenter

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Former Ethics Committee and Board Member of the IMA Speaks Out "What Now"?

I wish I could do more to help you cope with the issues that you are currently dealing with. But as you know, I was one of the six or more people who were summarily dismissed from the organization Monday morning for expressing my outrage at the actions of the three remaining members of the Board of Directors (BOD).

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Press Release – For Immediate Release – Internet Merchants Association President Threatens 1st Amendment Rights of Bloggers & Journalists

The president of an eCommerce Trade Group, the Internet Merchants Association, has stated he will “go after” any bloggers or websites covering IMA business. The IMA is a non-profit organization which recently experienced mass resignations from a majority of the board due to ethics concerns.

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Sydney Morning Herald – Australian Competition and Consumer Commission – eBay anti-competitive and monopolistic

The Sydney Morning Herald blog adds a final word about eBay’s attempt to make PayPal the only payment service available to eBay buyers and sellers in the down under.  The author – Simon Tsang reports the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission plainly determined eBay’s PayPal only plan as a monopolistic play. It seems from our end […]

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