Wholesale Sources, Everyone Wants Them, Where to Find Them?

Where do I get stuff to sell on eBay?

WarehouseWarehouse clubs can be a start but your profit margins will be quite slim if buying your goods through Sam’s or Costco is part of the long term business plan. Picking up deals on occasion can be a good idea here, but for true profitability where will you go to find a steady source of wholesale goods?

My first suggestion is to always look locally.

Find a manufacturer or distributor in your area with a quality product and work hard to set up a buying account with that source. Of course you must perform the research to be sure that any locally sourced goods will be valued on the Internet… If indications for demand are good your best source of supply will be in your own back yard.

This brings up another point I want to make… What is your local manufacturer or distributor offers goods you have no passion for? What if it is just not your personal cup of tea?

Well I say Hooey!

If the world is buying a product, you should try hard to sell that product. Sell what people want, not what you want them to want! The road to success is through your customers and you must be sure to offer what those customers actually buy on a regular basis. Don’t get hung up on a specific hobby or idea of what you think people want, go out and do research to find out what they really want and then provide it to them. Razor blades are not sexy or fun, Gillette seems to have done well selling them.

What if I have no Local Wholesalers?

Go Global… With source directories like Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands is probably the most widely recognized wholesale source for eBay sellers. Chris Malta adds a lot of information to the eBay community and created a business out of finding wholesaler who will sell to eBay business people.

Due diligence is still required, not all sources in these directories are perfect or offer the perfect merchandise. But these types of services help you find your way around China without ever leaving your home office.


Salehoo Information!

SaleHoo product sourcing directory contains wholesalers carrying brand names that have been thoroughly authenticated by the SaleHoo staff. Every supplier listed as carrying a brand name is guaranteed to do so and choosing to buy from these wholesalers is one way that sellers can guarantee the genuine article and peace of mind.

Also, SaleHoo contains a number of liquidators and overstock suppliers and they believe this is one of the cheapest and easiest ways for sellers to get hold of genuine brand name stock.

We did a full article on Salehoo here in the Trading Assistant Journal

The point to all of this is that you must research and find sources of supply to run a successful online business. Starting out on eBay or any other venue without a solid plan for sourcing will surely lead to an unsuccessful business plan. Your garage does not hold enough treasures to make your business grow.

If your going to eBay Live 2008 – look for these wholesale sources.

Website Blog Special

WholesaleCentral.com Celebrates 12th Anniversary
Bethel, CT / June 9, 2008 – WholesaleCentral.com, the top source on the Internet for locating wholesale merchandise, will be celebrating its 12th anniversary when it exhibits at eBay Live! 2008. Since 1996, WholesaleCentral.com has been serving wholesale buyers, eBay sellers, e-Tailers and dropshippers by being their most important resource for finding merchandise. Additionally, wholesalers, importers, liquidators and manufacturers, who are members of the WholesaleCentral.com marketplace, have been experiencing the benefits of reaching a loyal buying audience.

Wholesale Central is a comprehensive directory of active and current wholesalers, offering merchandise in more product categories than any single location on the Internet. The pre-screened sellers on Wholesale Central offer over ½ million different wholesale products. There are no fees or commissions for buyers or registration forms to complete. Wholesale Central is strictly business-to-business and has created tremendous customer loyalty from the buyers who utilize the site. Products can be purchased directly from pre-screened, pre-qualified wholesalers who have paid for inclusion in the WholesaleCentral.com marketplace. Searching by product category or via Wholesale Power Search ™ will enable buyers to bypass the noise associated with other search engines on the Internet, thereby providing them with relevant search results only.

Come to Booth 970 at eBay Live! 2008 to meet Scott Sumner, CEO of Sumner Communications, Inc., and learn how WholesaleCentral.com can revolutionize and simplify the search for wholesale merchandise on the Internet. “We are excited to again be part of eBay Live! and share our continued growth and success with the largest of online auction communities” says Sumner. “Wholesale Central is proud of its position as the leading online directory for buying and selling wholesale. We are always innovating with one goal in mind: offering improved buying and selling opportunities for the B2B general merchandise industry.”



Alibaba.com is the world’s largest marketplace for global trade and the leading provider of online marketing services for importers and exporters. It is the place for buyers and sellers to find trade opportunities and promote their businesses online. Alibaba.com is not a trading company but rather an online business platform, where you can search or post information to find potential business partners. To find out more, please visit About Alibaba.

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