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What is an Internet Press Release and how will it help my business?

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PRWeb – eCommWire – WebWire – Internet News Bureau – prlog – prnewswire

All of these names are essentially the same type of service offered with different features and exposure levels, but there is a difference in what you may think a press release is and what it is today.

In the past a press release was a very labor-intensive and expensive project. Writing a press release was only the first step along a very long road towards the media. First a company would produce an internal memo or pre-press release. This document would then be adjusted and massaged by various departments within a company, including legal, and then be ready for distribution. Distribution to a PR firm that is…

Once the PR firm had a press release from a company it would then try to reintroduce the pizazz that the internal departments from the prior round of edits had taken out of it. After that the PR firm would distribute the release to its contacts in media.  Not all PR firms had the same contacts and not all press releases were paid attention to from some PR firms. For a company, it was a hit or miss affair.

Before the advent of online newswires, journalists served as the gatekeepers between organizations and the public. The only way for organizations to get publicity was to send their press releases to journalists, spend hours with follow-up calls, and hope that the information would be published eventually.

Those days are over. Today, your press releases can reach the masses without being filtered through the media. With Internet-based press releases, you can easily get each of your information releases viewed by 25,000 to 100,000+ Internet readers. The included links and information lives on forever on the web.

In today’s Internet world, press releases are a self-service commodity – simply paste in your information, pay your bill and let it rip… but is it that simple?

A well-crafted press release can generate enormous, free publicity that you could not otherwise afford to buy.

What is a well-crafted press release and how does a entrepreneur or small business owner create one?

The first step is to determine what is actually newsworthy in your business information. If your press release is nothing more than marketing hype, it will never get picked up by the news agencies or local newspapers. Creating a story with all of the facts and a human interest or business interest component is essential.

Remember the old adages of the journalism classes you may have teen in high school?

Who – What – Where and When

Tell the public who you are, what you’re doing that is different or newsworthy, when it will happen and where they can find your business.

Integrate a little human interest in the form of a successful customer or client story, or how your product will help save the environment or feed starving children in New Jersey…stuff like that. Then take a deep breath and read what you wrote.

Did your Press Release answer the questions above? Did you include some sort of hook or interest component?  Were you succinct and to the point without looking like a legal brief?

If not, rewrite or get some help. Copywriters can be found locally on Craigslist or you can call me if you’re really in need. The point is to try a press release and to first try to write one yourself.

The online submission forms are very simple and fast and some Internet press release sites are free, like eCommWire. They just require one thing: Quality Content.

Yahoo News, CNN, Google News and the New York Times…

Most press releases distributed through newswire services are now picked up by online news aggregators such as Google News and Yahoo News. Don’t underestimate the power of such a listing. Millions of people use these sites for their news.

According to Hitwise, Yahoo News now ranks ahead of CNN.com and MSNBC.com, while Google News ranks before USAToday.com and NYTimes.com. Additionally, Internet readers may receive your press releases directly through content-syndication feeds.

The statement above could not be more truthful. Today I finished a press release about a recent client Extreme Halloween Inc. and the iBusinesslogic powered by Frooition eBay Stores design we completed for them. The link is in the header of this article and the press release went live at 3AM PST on Tuesday June 17, 2008. Within 3 hours it was rebroadcast as a story on Yahoo News.

See the screen shot of the Yahoo News article below or read more here iBusinessLogic blog.

Yahoo News Article

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