Intelligence Brings Back Links and Dollars on Qassia

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Qassia brings ad revenue and back links to all of your blogs and/or websites and its free.  The site is in a private BETA now, so the only way you can get in is through this special link on my profile page.

Simply submit “Intelligence” in the form of articles, either original or previously published on your own website or blog and you will earn Qassia dollars.  These are points which are spendable for ad placement.  Its an ad revenue sharing site and more. 

Qassia is fantastic because you get credit for sharing your intelligence. The more credit you earn, the better your websites will rank. And you get a backlink to your website for every intel you add – only Qassia gives you unlimited quality backlinks.

Last but not least, Qassia also has the best ad revenue sharing system on the Internet, so in effect you get paid for promoting your websites. Qassia rocks!

Sign up for the BETA version of Qassia from my profile – its free and can pay you and your website back in spades over the long haul. 

The more people join Qassia, the more everyone will benefit, so give Qassia a spin. Signing up takes less than a minute, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

See ya around!

Note: This is not a paid advertisement link and I am not a Qassia employee. I only earn extra Qassia dollars by refering members.  Give it a go, and once your in, you can refer members to earn your own extra Qassa Cash!

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  1. Henrietta June 7, 2008 at 4:27 am #

    Vairy interesssting.

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