eBay Money Saving Tips from eBay Strategies – Good News for Buyers or Sellers?


Scot Wingo has put together a great post today…

detailing the ways buyers can take advantage of all the promotions eBay is flooding the market with… Coupons, partnerships with MSN search and other offers… Save over 30% on some purchases… Check out the story at the link below.

Anyone See A Surge in Sales From This?

As an aside, I would like to ask my readers if they are experiencing any surge from these new offers eBay is placing in the marketplace?

Has anyone noticed the MSN connection yet in real sales figures?

I can only assume this kind of promotion is a positive for sellers, but of course this evaluation would only be accurate if it actually works.

If eBay continues to leverage it’s present clout to forge partnerships with search related marketplaces and offer incentives outside of eBay, continued participation in eBay as a seller may in fact be a good strategy once all of these changes in the system and the internal marketplace shake out.

Let me detail why:

  1. New standards for sellers will eventually remove the bottom feeder sellers and scam artists. This will help in two ways: One, increase buyer confidence in the site and : Two, reduce competition in most categories for the buyers. Fewer sellers will equal higher sales for those who remain.
  2. Increased exposure in search, even if it is just MSN, will increase traffic to the site. Obviously this is the main reason for including an eBay store in your eBay business strategy, to get that exposure outside of eBay in search across the board (Google, Yahoo & MSN).

Some will say these new incentives only add to our costs as sellers and will eventually result in another fee increase. Others will claim this is a desperate effort by eBay to increase traffic to the site and keep Wall Street happy… I say I want to know if it will work to help my bottom line.

The link to Scot Wingo’s great post on saving money is below.

eBay has gone discount crazy – 20% cash back now avail! Up to 30%+ off if you play it right!!!

eBay Strategies

Next… More coverage of the recently ended eBay Live 2008 – I have about 10 articles in the works and they will be found in several locations. Here, All Business Auctions Blog, iBusinessLogic Blog, and possibly a new Frooition Blog I am working on.

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  1. Henrietta June 23, 2008 at 5:23 pm #

    Meg was very good at pulling levers when needed to improve perceived results. Her successors have used this same technique as best they know how. Unfortunately they do not have her intimate knowledge of how the site or even the online retail industry works, so the lever pulling is clumsier and more visible for what it is. Here we are almost at the end of Q2 and there is the lever.

    How many large sellers equal or exceed their sales volume in purchases on the site? None. You would not expect them to. Small sellers will often admit to buying as much as they sell. When eBay decided small sellers were disposable, labeling a multi year seller with ‘less trustworthy’ than a short term volume seller a double dip helping of users were affronted and alienated. Here is the double dip flow chart:

    List, Sell, PayPal, Bid, PayPal

    Most of the sellers I hear from, not in the same stratospheric group you run with, who were equally buyers, do not even open emails from eBay any more.

    If I need something I search for it in Google and price shop comparing total price including shipping, method of shipping etc. I have no trouble undercutting the best prices I can FIND on eBay.

    I don’t need collectibles, yes they are a happy happy moment, but I don’t need them. Make it too hard for me to find what I want because you have ‘demoted’ the seller in search, well, no sale.

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