eBay Live 2008 Chicago- Day One – Whew…Think Twice

eBay Live 2008 Creating GoodeBay Live 2008 is underway…

This sign was prominently displayed in the center of the solutions floor… eBay Live… Creating Good?

The good was found between the lines for those who looked, since the lines were short, looking was easier than ever.

The turnout here has been less than expected and less than predicted by eBay. The entireMain Hall Solutions event seems to be under a cloud of quiet, calm. The people who are here, seem to be really interested and intense about business and improving theirs… Vendors are very light and the entire festive atmosphere of eBay Live’s of ole is missing in action. No fuzzies and very little promotion of the eBay comic book theme. No super long lines of crowds at the door to register and no problem getting a seat for a cup of coffee.

In the morning ( before I arrived – eBay scheduled a press/blogger meeting for this morning, but they did not inform us media/blogger types until the middle of last week. So, my flight was already scheduled and I missed the big meeting) the news of the meeting was good, at least it appears so… Increased or actually unlimited PayPal buyer and seller protection! Wow, where is the catch on this? I will let you know when I do…

Richard Brewer Hay - eBayInkFor those of you who do not know the man on the right, this is the real Richard Brewer-Hay of eBay Ink.

Regular readers of eBayInk will know that Richard is relatively new to the whole eBay “thing”. Richard continues to soldier on doing his job and he is doing a great job at that, considering the circumstances and situation thrust upon him with all of the most recent changes in the eBay system.

I would like to give Richard a “Pat on the back” for having come from the outside and really putting his entire being into learning on the run, this crazy ecosystem that is eBay. He has seen all sides of the people and issues involved with eBay and he is still working very hard to accommodate everyone and everything the best way he can.

At eBay Live 2008, I saw Richard in the middle of his second frantic week in Chicago covering first the events and stories coming out of Dev-Con and then attending each and every important session of eBay Live 2008, not only writing articles but also twittering at a unprecedented rate, getting immediate word out about the news coming from eBay Live and Dev Con.

Richard Brewer Hay deserves our respect for his ability to get up to speed with this situation under very stressful and demanding conditions. It is a given that as a corporate blogger, Richard must see the eBay side of the equation first, but from my personal conversations with him, I think he will be moving eBay Ink more in the direction of a real editorial commentary blog about all things eBay – good and not so good.

I would like to appeal to all of Richard’s eBay Ink Blog readers, and ask you to think again the next time your inspired to leave a negative comment on the blog. The man is simply trying to do a very interesting and in this period of transition, difficult job.

Think Twice

Enjoy the eBay Live 2008 coverage provided by all of the bloggers, but give the newest and most interesting eBay blog a second chance. Let Richard Brewer-Hay show you how a real blogger does it…

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0 Responses to eBay Live 2008 Chicago- Day One – Whew…Think Twice

  1. Richard Brewer-Hay June 25, 2008 at 5:22 pm #

    Thanks for the shout-out, Scott! It was great to spend time with you again in Chicago. I hope we can continue to improve Ink over time and work together on getting the stories out there that need to be told.

  2. Henrietta June 25, 2008 at 5:28 pm #

    I had not noticed much in the way of negative comments regarding RBH on Inkblog. Quite the contrary, I think most realize that the man is trying to do an impossible job and doing it to the best of his ability. He gives the impression of sincerity, this is such a rarity for eBay employees that it has made a favorable impression on just about everyone I am in contact with and all the boards that have mentioned him.

    Am I misunderstanding this? Are you suggesting we not make negative comments about eBay?

  3. Scott Pooler June 25, 2008 at 5:50 pm #


    Re: Am I misunderstanding this? Are you suggesting we not make negative comments about eBay?

    I am not suggesting anything other than what you seem to agree with, that RBH is doing the best he can and he is doing it really well.

    I have seen a great deal of comments on eBayInk which have attacked the messenger, I myself have been criticized when posting semi-positive comments on eBay Ink. It does no one any good to go after the people or person who presents the information for the readers to digest. Everyone will have an opinion and if your opinion of eBay is not positive, it is perfectly fine to express that opinion… in an objective and fair manner.

    I am about to post an article I have been working on about eBay communications which is certainly not pro-eBay.

    I have no qualms in critiquing eBay or eBay policies now and have not had any in the past. But if eBay announces something I do not agree with, I will not be blaming the messenger.

    As always, thanks for your comments!

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