eBay & Beyond Basics to Business Internet Radio – You Tube Video Promotion

My friends Dave & Sparky at eBay & Beyond apparently have taken my suggestions & advice to heart and put thoughts into action…

While doing my Guest Host spot during a recent eBay & Beyond Basics to Business live Internet talk radio show, I had extolled the virtues of using Video Sharing social media sites like You Tube and Flickr video to promote businesses, products and services. This is an example of just how it can be done and the reason to do it…

Yesterday the first eBay & Beyond Basics to Business promotional video was launched on You Tube.

eBayand Beyond You Tube Video

Certainly I would help my friends and co-workers as much as possbile and a video like this just simply makes it very easy for me to do just that. Because they took the time to create the video and upload it to You Tube, I in turn can place the same video in my website/blog.

This is the basis for “viral” marketing and is the very reason why sites like You Tube are so popular. When viewers of a video on You Tube or Flickr or any other video site can freely place your promotion into another website… well it is all good for you!

Take a moment and think about the possibilities…

Go out and create your own video, just as Dave White and Sparky Felix have done, it does not need to be a Steven Spielburg production, it simply needs to share your message…

Great Job eBay & Beyond! I am really impressed by all of your hard work, for a couple of guys who say they have no real technical background, you both seem to have talents beyond your claims…

See You every Saturday on The Radio!

(Scott Pooler is a Guest Host on the eBay & Beyond Live Talk Radio Program Which Airs every Saturday from 10 – Noon ET) Follow the link in the sidebar to hear the show or go to eBay & Beyond website to hear the archives.

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  1. Dave June 12, 2008 at 12:54 pm #


    With the information and guidance you gave our listeners I decided to try it myself! It is not nearly as hard as I thought and with a little time and effort anyone (even us) can do this!

    Thanks so much and we look forward to your segments each and every weekend!

    Dave & Sparky

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