eBay Live 2008 PESA Round Table – Brian Burke Answers Questions

Brian Burke Answering hard questionsPeSA ECMTA had one of the largest display areas at this soon to be wrapped up eBay Live 2008. 

The PeSA Pavilion at eBay Live 2008 has been a hotbed of activity with numerous new memberships and interesting luminaries stopping by…

During the day yesterday people like Scot Wingo of Channel Advisor and then John Donahoe & Family were spending time in the PeSA comfort zone of its Pavilion. 

Brian Burke may not have been quite so comfortable.

One of the events of the day yesterday in the PESA Pavilion was a round table session with Brian Burke of Feedback Fame at eBay.  Brian had just recently finished a fully heated feedback session in one of the main conference rooms (read about that session in TameBay or AuctionBytes – I was in with Jay Berkowitz)  Yet PeSA had enough clout to get Brian Burke of eBay to come and sit down with any PeSA member who wanted to ask him the occasional question.

As you can see, there were very few shy PeSA members in attendance. 

With eBay pulling back from events like eBay Live (recent attendance of an estimated less than 4,000 eBay members). The multiple regional events groups like PeSA and ECMTA organize may become the micro eBay Lives of the future.

PeSA has provided a forum for its members to gain information at eBay Live and in its forums like no other group.  And at eBay Live this year, they are the only trade organization who has represented its membership with such commitment.

Thanks to PeSa ECMTA, these members got face to face with Brian Burke.  I really do not know if they got the answers they were seeking, but they at least got to ask direct and honest questions.

PeSA asking Questions

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  1. Dave June 24, 2008 at 7:49 am #


    Great article! Right on the money regarding the event and PeSA/ECMTA being able to provide it’s members with contacts that matter.

    As ecommerce market changes make internet business more challenging, the ability to be heard by marketplace executives becomes invaluable.

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