Tamebay – Real Story about a Real Seller Who Found Life After eBay

TamebayIn my RSS feed I get a lot of eBay related information every day.

This morning, one particular article caught my attention…

Another one bites the dust

Author: Sue Bailey
Posted at: Friday, May 30th, 2008 at 11:34 am

Another one bites the dust is a real story about a real high volume seller shut down by eBay for a no real reason. Stuart tried to reason with eBay, Stuart travelled to Catalyst 2008 simply to speak face to face with someone from eBay.  Stuart got nowhere with eBay.

eBay does not want Stuart’s over $60,000 in fees per year because eBay has its rules…  You see, a former partner of Stuarts did not pay his $250 ebay fee bill 2 years ago. Stuart paid the bill when he was made aware (it was an account Stuart has not used in 2 years).  In any case, after months of trying to reason, and while under a 12 month suspension, Stuart has found a new way of doing business.

Stuart does not rely on eBay any longer, he has found his way out of the darkness of eBay suspension and into the light of eCommerce sales.  Stuart sees a bright future ahead and he says he will never rely on eBay again completely as he had before. 

Good for Stuart!

Thanks to tamebay & Sue Bailey for bringing all of us this inspiring story today!

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  1. Sue @ TameBay May 30, 2008 at 7:10 pm #

    Thanks for the link, Scott, and glad you liked the piece. Stuart is truly inspirational; he’s been treated appallingly for no good reason whatsoever, and yet he’s still so positive and still forging ahead with his business. People like him will gain the success they deserve.

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