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ConsignmentPal LogoConsignment Pal – Re-designed for Consignment Specialists and Clients with ease of use & exposure in mind.

The only online directory of consignment sellers & Drop Off Stores that allows eBay Businesses to:

  • Link to an off eBay Web Site – Get traffic to your site!
  • Show current list of eBay Items For Sale – Automatically – in the Business Profile
  • Describe Your Business as you prefer – With your own keywords
  • Includes your business in a searchable database

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Linda Miller of Consignment Pal has worked long and hard to provide a directory service to the consignment industry. Her efforts have been rewarded with a very efficient and usable directory for both consignment shops and eBay Trading Assistants / REDOLS (formerly Trading Posts) and the clientele of these establishments.

The eBay version “Trading Assistant Directory” is widely regarded as being difficult to use and nearly impossible for any end user to find in an online search. If a Trading Assistant or Drop store wants to be found on the Internet, being listed in the Trading Assistant directory will not really help much. Now that Linda Miller has updated the Consignment Pal Directory, the chances of having your listing found online have gone up significantly.

Just a quick search for the words Consignment Directory in Google brings up the following results:

As can be plainly seen, the Consignment Pal directory is prominently found…

Consignment Pal Google Search

We have speculated here at the Trading Assistant Journal before about eBay apparently ignoring the entire keyword category related to consignment in their SEO optimization of the eBay Trading assistant Directory.

Apparently Linda Miller at Consignment Pal does not have the same aversion to finding real consignment businesses new customers from the Internet. I applaud her for looking outside of eBay’s odd definition of a Trading Assistant and for using more commonly found keywords in her SEO optimization of Consignment Pal. With more listings added to the directory each and every day, the power of the SEO exposure of this directory can only increase.

How do people search for the types of services “Trading Assistants” provide?

It is my contention that they are very unlikely to enter either the term “Trading Assistant” or REDOL in the Google or any search engine query box. Words like Consignment and Directory are much more likely search terms…

I strongly suggest increasing your store or business exposure by signing up for Business Profile listing in Consignment Pal. Our listing for All Business Auctions has been in the directory almost since its inception and I can honestly say that I have received more business from the old Consignment Pal directory than I ever did from the eBay Trading Assistant Directory.

With this kind of search exposure a free listing in this directory seems to be a no-brainer decision.

You should not only list your business here, but link from any website you have to the listing. Linking to your listing from a blog or website will add to the power of the entire Consignment Pal directory and increase every members exposure throughout the country.

With the new release of Consignment Pal a more business like appearance has been created.

This directory is clean and clutter free. For clients simply looking for a place to find a consignment specialist or eBay trading assistant, this directory is mush easier to use.

The most important feature is the Business Profile included with each listing. Business can now give possible clientele a real sence of what kind of professional services they provide. With the inclusion of a sampling of your eBay listings, clients will get a real feel for the quality of work your business provides. (They will also see it is not as easy as some may think it is to list items on eBay with great descriptions and quality photography).

If you are a Trading Assistant, REDOL, Trading Post, Consignment Store, or Mailing Center with an eBay Service, I strong recommend inclusing your business information in the Consignment Pal Directory.

Consignment Pal Business Directory Fact Sheet



To help users find resale businesses where they can buy items, sell items for cash, sell items on consignment, trade, or donate items. CP also helps resale business owners increase efficiency and profits by providing access to various service providers specializing in shipping, education, marketing, software, insurance, etc.

New Features in Consignment Pal

Custom Business Profiles

All Business Auctions Business Profile

I personally had a hand in helping Linda Miller create the content for these business profiles and helped her to get the eBay listing information into each and every directory profile. I think this will help the entire industry find new customers and also help sell items listed on eBay.

The more inbound links to your listings, the better!

Businesses create personalized profiles to market themselves to directory users and network with other businesses. Consignment Pal users search for profiles by business name, state/province, zip/postal code and distance. Business profiles can be updated often and are completely custom, in a similar manner as social networking sites, such as Linkedin and facebook.

Numerous features include:

  • Business Description (choice of bold, italicized, color, underline, and font size selection features)
  • Logo and Images
  • Interactive Map showing business location
  • Specialities field to highlight areas of expertise
  • Messaging services which protect businesses’ private email addresses and prevent spam
  • Upload Articles and Guides
  • Showcase up to five eBay listings
  • Website Link
  • Business Tag Line
  • List Credentials
  • Details of Payment Options (buy for cash, consign, trade)
  • Business name, Address, Phones/Fax, Hours, Pick Up & Delivery Options
  • Type of Business and Office Type
  • eBay User ID
  • Commission and Fees
  • Terms of Service

Newest Feature
The new business profile showcases up to five active eBay listings for our eBay sellers. This new feature is particularly valuable for eBay consignment sellers, also known as eBay Trading Assistants and eBay Drop Off Stores. Business liquidators, antique dealers, consignment stores, resale stores, art galleries, and non profit stores can also take advantage of this feature to highlight their auctions and drive traffic to their brick and mortar stores.

Businesses can create a personalized business profile in which they can list their specialties, upload images, post articles, link to their website, and showcase five eBay listings at no cost. CP has provided directory services to resale businesses free of charge since 2006. Advertising and affiliate revenue from www.consignmentpal.com

Businesses Represented
Antiques, Art, Auction House, Auto, Business Liquidation, Children’s Clothing & Accessories, Collectibles, eBay Drop Off Store, eBay Drop Off by Appointment, eBay Pick Up Service, eBay Store with Pack and Ship, Estate Sales, Fundraising, Furniture, General Merchandise, Jewelry, Men’s Clothing & Accessories, Non Profit Store, RVs/Motorhomes/Trailers, Vintage, Women’s Clothing & Accessories, Other

Office Types Represented
Online Sellers (Amazon, eBay, Go Antiques, personal e-commerce websites, etc.)
Brick and Mortar Stores (antique, art, consignment, and resale stores)
Home Based Businesses
Art and Antique Show Dealers (to advertise upcoming exhibits or display their show calendar)
Kiosks (such as eBay drop off locations inside of antique malls, pack & ship stores, hardware stores, etc.)

Consignment Pal officially launched at the eBay Live Conference in San Jose, California, in June 2005. The first CP Directory, the San Antonio Consignment and Resale Directory, was released in September 2006.



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