Important Business Considerations – Choosing an eBay Management software suite…

What to look for in eBay &/or Multi-Channel listing management software…

AuctionLogic LogoSoftware is an essential key to all phases of business these days.  Without good solid software and software management, costs and profit can move in opposite directions fast.

“Auction Management software brings sales administration under control by putting a framework around your eBay sales and automating repetitive tasks. Products vary in their breadth, but may include listing, payment, shipping and feedback features. If your products are selling well, but you are struggling to maintain a high level of service, an auction management system may be what you need”.

Evaluating eBay Seller Software
By Andy Geldman of Auction Software Review

The recent and ever changing policies at eBay drive home the need for any eBay & eCommerce channel management software to be robust and adaptable at the same time. 

Although many end users may not be aware of it, eBay makes changes to the API interface software vendors use to communicate with eBay, eBay implements unannounced changes almost on a daily basis. When these changes are made by eBay, the software vendors must scramble to update the interface so their customers can continue to gain access to the massive eBay API. 

Before considering using a “free” software suite to manage your business online you should be aware that what may essentially be a “no charge” service does not indicate it will always be provided at no cost.  Down time for you business can cost a great deal of money, time and frustration. Loss of inventory data through improper back up procedures can cost your business thousands of hours of data preparation. additional steps to process orders, shipping integration problems, eBay checkout re-direct issues… can all cost you more than time and money, some of these problems, if they arise, can damage a businesses reputation.

There are numerous software suites available out there to help you manage your eBay and eCommerce business.  Options abound from free web based solutions to old fashioned desktop resident programs.  Choosing a desktop program limits a busineses ability to stay up to date with the changes at eBay on a daily basis where a web based program is updated by the developer for the users. 

One such web based solution is AuctionLogic

AuctionLogic UPS

AuctionLogic is an eBay listing management and inventory solution with a robust back end originally designed to serve the eBay Drop Off Store industry.  With features meant to provide reporting, employee management, inventory control, listing management, template integration, and more…

Recently AuctionLogic announced a new feature in the shipping tools.  UPS Wordship integration has been added to the already robust options in the shipping module.  Users have many choices available to them in AuctionLogic – USPS, UPS, DHL, and all of these providers international services are built into the program.

When a software suite is regularly announcing improvements and upgrades meant to help the user succeed in their business… That is the software suite to zero in on…

UPS Worldship Integration

UPS Logo AuctionLogic is now fully integrated with UPS Worldship providing a streamlined shipping processes for those who currently have a daily UPS pickup.

All items awaiting shipment can easily be exported from AuctionLogic and imported into UPS Worldship. Once shipped, users can then export the shipping data back to AuctionLogic in order to update tracking numbers for internal package tracking and complete cost reporting.

This recent upgrade is just one of many which will be added to AuctionLogic courtesy of the programmers and engineers at AuctionSound. We look forward to announcing in the near future a multi-channel capability we know every eBay merchant will appreciate.

Adding Multi-Channel capabilities to our already robust eBay business class inventory and listing management suite is the next logical step. Plans to expand capabilities beyond multi-channel are in motion, but until this major upgrade is complete we will have to simply be satisfied with revealing this major UPS WordShip improvment.

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    It is really so, but some aspects are missed or disputable. I’ve looking for this information for a long time! What more can I find about it?

  2. Scott Pooler May 27, 2008 at 8:08 am #

    Yes, we did not include every aspect of the program, or all listing programs in this short blog article.

    Maybe you could tell me what aspects of eBay listing software you are interested in learning about and then I can write an article to fill your needs.

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