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Git R DoneLarry the Cable Guy is an honest. regular, red-blooded American guy, an “everyman” redneck who makes observations on the world as he sees it. 

It seems to me that if Larry were to try and sell his own stuff online, he might like to join the community of sellers on

Git R Done Larry The Cable Guy Aluminum License Plate Available in the Online Auction Rummage Sale .99 Cents – No Reserve – Rummage Sale. Click Photo Above to go to the auction. To see more items Scott Pooler has in the Rummage Sale and on OLA, Click Here: All Business Auctions OLA House

The OLA Rummage sale has created quite a groundswell of interest, not only from the sellers on the site but from new and excited buyers coming to for the very first time. The Rummage sale at last count : There are 6827 Auctions under the  – May 1-8  Rummage Sale  category. 

The grassroots organizers of the OLA rummage sale, prior to the start of the event, had hoped to inspire their fellow sellers to list 10 items each for this special event 7 Day rummage sale.  The thought was to recruit 200 or so sellers to list valuable items on OLA as no reserve .99 cent auctions. This would in turn populate the rummage sale category with at least 2000 items, gaining interest from new buyers, sellers and media alike.  Apparently the organizers struck a chord with the sellers on the site because they have more than tripled the amount of listings they had hoped to get in the RUMMAGE SALE category. 

Rummage Sale


Today’s Internet Auction News Radio Networks – eBay and Beyond, Basics to Business Internet radio program is dedicated to all of the everyday sellers on  The show will feature Karen “Callmemomo” Hammond, one of the driving forces behind the seller-organized special OLA Rummage Sale.  I also will be on the show this morning (as I am every Saturday) with Hosts David White and Ray Sparky Felix.  Listen in live or download the show on iTunes – Look for “eBay and Beyond”…

See You on the Radio! Listen to the show


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