PeSA Cocktails & More – 1st Night in New Orleans

The first evening of PeSA ECMTA Summit really was just a preview of the exhibitor floor.  People enjoyed the cocktail party atmosphere and mingled among one another freely. 


The real progress on this short evening (everyone was encouraged to depart long before it seemed that the business of networking was complete) seemed to be the meet & greet aspect of the evening.  One can never quantify the relationships formed during these types of events.  It is why we attend at great expense in both time and money  – we come to meet people and form relationships.

The glaring conclusion from our first quick evening at PeSA was that eCommerce is no longer all about eBay.  Everything is on the table and everyone is looking for new opportunities. 

Tomorrow (today) we hear from Lorrie Norrington – President, eBay Global marketplace operations as a the keynote speaker of this event….

We will look forward to what Lorrie has to say….

After the small party, everyone dispersed into the playground that is New Orleans.  Gambling and more can be had in the Big Easy… 

More tomorrow from the floor of the Morial convention center in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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