Hot Stuff On eBay? Find Out With The NEW Terapeak 5.0


Terapeak MarketPlace Research has a whole new look and feel. 

With “Hot” new features for eBay sellers and Internet eCommerce professionals alike.  The search is much faster, the interface cleaner and the features more robust. The graphs are much better and I feel the entire program is much faster and easier to use…

New Features in Terapeak 5.0 – Hot Research

  • New Hot Products
  • New Hot Buyer Searches
  • New Hot Seller Titles
  • New Hot Media International
  • New Hot Categories International
  • New Top Titles by Seller
  • New Top Titles by Category
  • Revealed Top Seller Usernames
  • Revealed Category Trend Numbers
  • Improved Report Page
  • Improved Page Navigation
  • Improved Date Navigation
  • Improved Browser Compatibility
  • Improved Search Speed
  • Improved Page Load Speed

Our sister publication AllBusinessAuctions/blog published a quick review of the new product recently…

Terapeak 5.0 What’s Hot Hot Hot


Follow the Hot Hot link above and read about the new version of Terapeak. You can even find a link to a free version of Terapeak Research in the Article on



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2 Responses to Hot Stuff On eBay? Find Out With The NEW Terapeak 5.0

  1. Chris Moneymaker April 17, 2008 at 11:16 pm #


    Great blog. My brother is making money with eBay these days. I will most definitely tell him about your blog.

    I’m thinking of getting into it too. Maybe your blog will inspire me.

    Thank you for all your hard work,


  2. ebusinessnewsradio April 18, 2008 at 7:19 am #


    Isn’t the World Series of Poker making you enough money? Now we have to compete with you on eBay? LOL

    Jump right into eBay! Not any worse than facing those hardcore poker players!

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