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As some of you may know, I have been co-hosting a segment on the ebay & Beyond Basics to Business Internet radio show & Podcast hosted by Dave White.  The show is recorded live every Saturday between 10:00 AM and Noon EST. 

Last Saturday ( April 19, 2008 ) the show focused on the Internet auction website with interviews of the CEO of Chris Fain and a selling member of the site Karen “callmemomo” Hammond. 

OnlineAuctionLogo, also known by the acronym OLA, has grown steadily for some time and seems to be in a great position to capitalize upon the recent upheaval within the eBay sellers community. currently has over 13 million items listed for sale on the site. 

The sellers on OnlineAuction seem to appreciate the feeling of community and the relatively low fee structure. They say is a better place than eBay for them because selling on the site is “fun again” just as they remember eBay selling from years past. The goal of this Rummage Sale is to draw more traffic from the Internet and compete more closely with eBay.

Rummage Sale…

Rummage Sale

Karen is one of the grass roots organizers of an event called the Rummage Sale.  The Rummage Sale has been organized by individual sellers on the site and not by the site itself. The management is fully behind this groundswell of involvement from its sellers and they endorse the Rummage Sale which will be launched May 1st.

The idea is to attract more attention from buyers to’s sellers products by getting hundreds of sellers to agree to list at least 10 items of significant vale for a starting price of .99 cents each. 

My Blogging Idea…

During my segment on eBay & Beyond, which followed both Chris Fain and Karen “callmemomo” Hammond, I presented an idea to the OLA listeners of the radio show. My idea, which admittedly came to me on the fly, is that if each of the sellers who has committed to selling 10 items for .99 cents in the Rummage Sale (over 290 sellers) were to promote the event outside of by each member starting and using a free WordPress blog, the event might gain more of a groundswell of buyers. 

If each seller would create a blog and on that blog they would list all of the the items they would offer for sale in the Rummage Sale on OLA, then I believe the sale would be more successful.  Each seller would also create more traffic for their items listed in the sale and they could use the power of blogging to promote themselves and the community of sellers involved with this event.

Proactive Seller

Karen “callmemomo” Hammond, in my mind, must be a very proactive seller because she has already launched her blog. Karen had never published a blog before, but she is now an official part of the blogoshere with her new blog – Callmemomo’s Weblog.

Stop by and encourage Karen in her blogging adventure.  If you are a seller involved in the Rummage Sale on OLA, why not follow Karen’s lead? 

Start your own blog – show people what you sell, tell them why you sell, explain what is special about what you sell, then tell your readers where they can find your products. Content is king, content brings traffic… without traffic you just have a pretty listing.  Drive some traffic to your listings with a blog.

It can only help.


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6 Responses to The First Rummage Sale Blog from « Callmemomo’s Weblog

  1. callmemomo April 20, 2008 at 6:53 pm #

    Scott, thank you so much for spotlighting this!!! It is wonderful to have so much support from so many people. The interview with Dave and Sparky was really really fun and I look forward to doing the update one on May 3rd. I did get a chance to catch your talk after (of course I did, that’s where I got the info for the blog). What a great idea!!!

    This Rummage Sale at OLA is HUGE already!!! We are at 285 sellers, and I am hoping to get at least that last 15 to make it 300 before May 1st. Keeping fingers crossed. LOL

    As far as proactive; I’ve never really thought of it like that, but I guess you could say that. I just want to help the sellers of OLA, and OLA itself, rise above all the different things they’ve had to face lately and start putting fun back into selling and buying online. So anyone looking for some fun (and I mean true fun), come on over and join us at OLA. We’d love to see you!!!

    Again, thanks so much Scott. Your support means everything to us!!!


  2. DraggonTagger April 21, 2008 at 9:29 am #

    Momo, Keep up the good work! Since the OLA Tea Party Ad Auction, These type of things have snowballed into something great! But this rummage Sale is a BLIZZARD! Jen

  3. Beverly April 21, 2008 at 2:56 pm #

    Hi, BeverlyJ here speaking of OLA’s first ever Rummage Sale. The event which starts on May 1st and runs for seven days at The event was the brain child of OLA Founding Member ndallen3 then OLA Founding Member callmemomo took the ball and ran with it. Other OLA members soon joined in and it didn’t take long for the team to grow to 285 sellers and still growing.

    Soon after the calling for sellers to join in, flyers and ads begain showing up in chat treads at OLA. To make the flyers and ads easy to find we (BeverlyJ) started hosting them for downloading at Rummage Sale Flyers & Ads and it wasn’t long before the flyers and ads started showing up all across the nation.

    Scotty Mays created an unoffical news wed site for OLA members due to all the excitement. Although Scotty is quite busy there still seems to be time to keep the site up to date. Take a few minutes of your time to visit

    Although the Rummage Sale event campaign was running full steam ahead Scott Pooler added more fuel to the fire Saturday when he presented the idea of each member starting and using a free word press blog. Some OLA members have already taken action at this point in time.

    Not only are we seeing excitement over the OLA Rummage Sale, we are seeing excitement from new OLA members as to just how easy it is to list their auctions once they have joined

  4. Beverly April 21, 2008 at 9:39 pm #

    Ok Scott, we took your advice and posted a blog about the OLA Rummage Sale. We plan to keep the blog going far beyond the Rummage Sale. We have been with since March of 2006 and have seen the growth first hand. We jumped on board as a Founding Member and made OLA our home. Feel free to check our blog and leave comments. BeverlyJ’s Online Auction Blog

  5. Scott Pooler April 21, 2008 at 10:10 pm #

    Great Beverly!

    Nice looking blog!

    Looks like you have been doing this for years.

    Keep up the good work, remember to add content often and describe your items with pictures and text!


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